PRTIMES.COM from japan Thu, 17 Jan 2019 14:41:00 +0900 en hourly 1 Exhibition with Up-and-Coming Floral Artists will be Held! Thu, 17 Jan 2019 14:41:00 +0900 1547512872 Former TV Asahi Anchor and Flower Artist Yui Maeda's handmade flower brand "gui" will produce the event "Colored Flower Exhibition" at Omotesando ROCKET from January 18 (Fri) to 23 (Wednesday).
"gui" that has a concept of "The place where you will meet flowers" will produce the encounter with flowers for special occasion with up-and-coming florists, and disseminate the charm of flowers in modern way. As each artist will held workshop each days, so, it will be enjoyable 6 days.Unique florists will gather there to exhibit their beautiful creations featuring "Flower and color" such as "duft" which is produced by one of the Young and up coming florist Chiemi Wakai who is attract lots of attention" using vivid coloring technique,"Tumbler & FLOWERS" by Toru Watagi who is widely active both in Japan and abroad as an Ikebana artist,Sayaka Imaizumi from "MY'S" who is active in design and fashion magazine,And Director Takashima Miyuki of 'LUVONICAL flower works' who is good at dynamic decoration,"BIONIC PLANTS" which is handling decorations at popular restaurants in Tokyo and events.Also, the popular florist of Tokyo "COCO BOTANICAL arrangement" will organize the workshop.

Free to entry. Opening hour is from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.

■"Omotesando ROCKET"
Adress: 3F at Omotesando Hills Dojunkan, 4-12-10, Jingumae, Shibuya

"Tare Cutlet Burger" by Moth Burger will Back Again in 6 Years at Hokuriku Region! Thu, 17 Jan 2019 04:00:00 +0900 1547604521 To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Niigata port on January 1st, Moth Burger will revive to sell the first time in 6 years, the Moth Burger’s original "Tare Katsu Burger" which is inspired by Niigata’s specialty "Tare Katsu Don (Pork Cutlet on the rice bowl with special sauce)" at 47 branches in 4 prefectures of Hokuriku (Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui) from January 18th.

"Tare Katsu Don" is a very popular Niigata’s local food which is a little difference as general Katsudon not to use egg but only thick sauce.

"Tarecut burger" offered by Moth Burger is very filling burger with the saucy Katsu, thick soy sauce and fine chopped cabbage.

There are two kinds such as “Regular” with two slices of Cutlets, and “Mega” with three slices of Cutlets.

It is limited time only. Don’t miss out!

12 Patterns Available! Furupuru Cream Collaborated with Rilakkuma Thu, 17 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0900 1547513092 The dry season has come that you need keep up with moisturizing items! Good to have lovely designed moisturizing items that make you feel happier. So, today, we will introduce those items for you!

"Furupuru cream", multiple uses moisturizing cream series, has started to sell "Rilakkuma" version in advance from January 13 at Rilakkuma shop Kiddy Land.
"Furupuru cream" is focused on moisturizing function to combine four kinds of moisturizing ingredients in a luxurious manner such as organic argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and marine collagen. Rose scent of natural ingredients such as Novara oil, damask rose oil make you feel comfy and relaxing.It is created carefully sticking with beauty ingredients and safe materials, it is made to be safe for children. It is quickly absorbed into skin, and it can be used for whole body such as hair, nails and fingers as well as face. It's also a pocket-sized cream, so it's convenient to keep it in your bag as a moisturizing care at your workplace or travel destination.There are 12 patterns as Rilakkuma version for you can pick your favorite one. Contents amount is 20 g and price is 1000 yen (tax excluded).

Let’s keep moisture on your skin with lovely Rilakkuma moisturizing cream.

Intoxicated with the Unusual World! "Huis Ten Bosch" Offer "Masquerade ball" Tue, 15 Jan 2019 05:00:00 +0900 1547166563 Nagasaki’s Huis Ten Bosch will hold "Huis Ten Bosch big carnival Masquerade ball" for a limited time from January 12 to February 28.

During the period, not only casts but also visitors will be dressed with masks and costumes to enjoy gorgeous feasts like Italian Masquerade ball.
Huis Ten Bosch will offer many events which definitely make you excited, such as "Masquerade ball party", "Waltz Show in Hotel Europe" to watch elegant Waltz in café time, and "Waltz Lesson" which you can get dance lesson even for the beginner can join.

Other than that, it will offer "Waltz Show Party" that you can dance with casts, and "Costume Contest".Furthermore, do not miss "Professional Dance Show" at Amsterdam Square that you can enjoy watching dance show by overseas professional dancers.

Why do not you wear t mask to experience the unusual world?

Godzilla Hit Sweet Town! Luch Buffet Featuring Godzilla Tue, 15 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0900 1547166722 Do you know that the city where "Godzilla" whicht has been loved for more than half a century since the first work in 1954 landed for the first time was "Shinagawa"? The restaurant and bar "The Dining Room" at "Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental" in Shinagawa offers "Ichi-Godzilla" which is strawberry lunch buffet collaborate with Godzilla, in commemoration of the release of "Godzilla King of Monsters" opening on May 31.At the buffet "Ichi-Godzilla", the executive pastry chef will delivers innovative and artistic sweets under the supervision of Toho. The best recommendation is "King of Shortcake" which inspired of the new movie among about 20 kinds of strawberry sweets.

The sponge is baked fluffy like melting on your mouth and it uses special blended fresh cream as golden ratio to make you taste rich sweetness but fresh and light. Considering the balance of moisture and acidity, it uses "Tochiotome" brand strawberry, which is a simple but elegant flavor.
It will be available from January 15 to May 31. The fee is 5000 yen (tax and surcharge excluded) on weekdays, 6000yen (tax and surcharge excluded) on Saturdays, Sundays and PH. Children over 3 years old to elementary school student 2500 yen (tax and surcharge excluded), and come with a picture book "Ganbare Chibi Godzilla" as complimentary for pre-school children.

The buffet would be fun with your family. Enjoy the buffet with the movie.

■ "The Dining Room"
Address: 26F Shinagawa East One Tower, 2-16-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Accommodation with Spa Treatment and Yoga at Okinawa Fri, 11 Jan 2019 21:00:00 +0900 1546994111 "Hyatt Regency Serakaki Island Okinawa" will offer "Urizun Plan" which is a new accommodation plan with luxury spa treatment " from January 14.

"Urizun" is one of the Okinawa’s direction word to mean "start moisturizing" to express coming up young leaves all together and blooming flowers to moist the land.

The plan is for one night two days and Spa treatment, activities and meals are included.
For the first day, you can relax with herb bath with 8 kinds of herb such as galingale, artemisia and Persimmon leave.
Also, to circulate of blood with the hotel original herb ball massage, and releasing the usual day’s stress.
For dinner, you will enjoy special meal course "Shinjimun" at the specialty dinning "Shirakachi".

"Shinjimun" is meal that can be taken into the body without excessive ingredients nutrition. "Shirakachi" offers nutritious foods that can only be tasted in Okinawa such as a lavorful and nutritious soup "Tsumsinji" with pork lever and carrots, iron-rich "Boiled Handama", and "Rice soup with artemisia".On the second day, the plan includes morning yoga while taking a soft reflection sun of Okinawa. Try loosening your whole body with warming up.For the breakfast buffet at the All Day dining "Cerare", you can taste plenty of Okinawa ingredients that make you satisfy, such as Mozuku seaweed, Goya and blue papaya.

The fee for "Urizun Plan" is from 44,045yen per person (tax and surcharge excluded) with 2 pairs 4 people only a day, and reservation is required 3 days in advance.

Why do not you refresh yourself with the plan to unleashed yourself from everyday life as much as you want?

Limited Time Only Dinner Buffet with Northeast 6 prefectures Special Local Foods Fri, 11 Jan 2019 15:00:00 +0900 1546993897 Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu is holding a dinner buffet "Oishi Dining Tohoku" at the restaurant Akasaka Square Dining for a limited time from January 4 to February 28.
At the dinner buffet "Oishi Dining Tohoku" 6000 yen (Tax / Surcharge included / price difference with over 60 years old and elementary school student), it offers traditional Tohoku region’s local cuisine which has been inherited for long time in cold Tohoku like "It is delicious because it is in cold!". You can enjoy the luxuriously time with enjoying those heartwarming seasonal dishes which are also attracted to your eyes, too.
It offers winter foods from Aomori, Akita and Iwate in January, and from Yamagata and Fukushima in February. In January, it provides a B class gourmet food “Towada Bara Yaki” with marinated sweet and spicy beef and onion from Aomori Prefecture, Akita’s tradition hot pot “Kiritanpo hot pot”, and “Chicken Nanban with Oshu Iwai Chicken” from Iwate prefecture. All of them are matched very well with alcohol.   Also, as for drinks, it offers "Sake Comparison Set"1500yen (tax and surcharge included) to compare each prefecture’s premium Sake, and original cocktails using Tohoku region’s alcohol. The original cocktails will be changed depends on foods.
"Oishi Dining Tohoku" where you can fully enjoy the attraction of Tohoku. Why do not you come to enjoy it.

Strolling to See Early Season's Flowers at "Nature Observation" event Fri, 11 Jan 2019 11:00:00 +0900 1546994347 Early season’s flowers will be full bloom from January to February in a public park "Shikinomori Park" in Yokohama, Kanagawa. The park will hold a special event "Nature observation" to see such beautiful flowers from January 13 to February 10.

"Shikinomori Park" where you can enjoy the seasonal flowers and living creatures with beautiful scenery of community-based forest, occasionally hold the event "Nature observation" for visitors to enjoy more about the park. In the event, experts will explain the details of inside of the park while walking around.It will introduce Chimonanthus praecox, a family of Calycanthaceae, native to China, and Amur Adonis, a family of Ranunculaceae, a perennial plant with a golden yellow flower which will be fully bloomed in "Nature Observation Society" of January and February.

Entry and joining fee are free. When you visit the reception before 13:00, you can join it.  
"Shikinomori Park" has been remained huge nature even in rural area of Yokohama. Why don’t you enjoy winter strolling watching early season flowers which are blooming quiet but dynamic in the park?

■ Kanagawa prefecture’s public park, "Shikinomori Park"
Address: 291 Terayama cho, Midori-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa.

Kimono Rental Plan with Seafood Rice Bowl with Gold Leaf! Thu, 10 Jan 2019 02:00:00 +0900 1546993498 Kimono rental shop "Kokoyui" located right in front of Kanazawa station, has been offering a special plan "Oishi Kanazawa Course" that is a set of Kimono rental and lunch meal in popular Kanazawa’s restaurants. This time, the seafood rice bowl with golden leaf is added in the plan.This set is to make it possible to kimono rental and a lunch reservation at the same time, and it makes easy for customers who worry about where to go to eat on the trip.In addition to the authentic Kaga cuisine restaurant "Sekitei", and "FULL OF BEANS", the retro atmosphere cafe renovated old Kominka house, the restaurant “Ichibanboshi” where provides gorgeous seafood rice bowl with golden leaves is added as a new.
The seafood rice bowl with gold leaf offered by "Ichibanbhoshi" is a lavish seafood bowl with huge gold leaf on it to cover the seafood bowl. Furthermore, it comes with chopsticks made with Wajima-nuri lacquerware as a souvenir to bring to your home.

Reservations for the lunch are available from 2 people and are required until 3 business days in advance. As those restaurants are popular, early reservation would be recommended.

Lots of Banana! "SanktGallen" Offers New Chocolate Flavored Beer Thu, 10 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0900 1546907422 The brewery "SanktGallen" in Atsugi, Kanagawa prefecture will release 4 types of chocolate flavored beer from January 10th.Though commonly known as "chocolate beer", it is just chocolate flavored alcoholic beverage that uses normal beer ingredients. Usually, the based malt for beer is roasted as 85 degrees, but malt of the chocolate beer is roasted at a high temperature of about 160 degrees. The based malt on the verge of burning become dark brown, and it looks like chocolate!
"Imperial chocolate stout" 600 yen (tax excluded) is a rich flavored beer tasting like a drinking chocolate cake. Despite using about 3 times more of raw materials compared with a regular black beer’s, the special rich beer that can be made only half amount with regular beer in one preparation.
"Banana chocolate stout" 500 yen (excluding tax), a limited chocolate beer of 2019 is used 300 kg of finely chopped banana peeling the skin one by one by hand adding in the process of making wort which is the base of beer. You can taste rich and luxurious premium chocolate banana that is not like the one from street.
"Orange chocolate stout" 500 yen (tax excluded) which makes you imagine orange chocolate coated confectionery "Orange", is a beer that added finely chopped orange peel and stewed it for long time like making marmalade jam. It features the flavor of concentrated citrus bitterness.
"Sweet Vanilla Stout Valentine Label" 429yen (tax excluded) which blended the scent of vanilla into rich black beer like espresso uses A grade vanilla from Papua New Guinea which also been used by A class pastry chef. The taste is sweet and creamy, and vanilla chocolate flavor remains in the mouth. Only this beer is available throughout the year, but do not miss the special valentine label one which will be appeared as limited number only.

Besides selling at nationwide major department stores, those draught beers will be available at the event "Furusato Festival Tokyo 2019" in the Tokyo Dome from January 11 to 20th.

Let’s celebrate the new year with these special beer!

"Ichigo-san" Cream Puff and Coffee are Available at the special 5 days event! Wed, 09 Jan 2019 12:00:00 +0900 1546907279 Strawberry’s new brand by Saga Prefecture, "Ichigo-san" which has been released this fall as part of Saga Prefecture's regional creation project "Saga Prize!" The cafe that you can taste the strawberry in the Glamping atmosphere will be opened for 5 days only, starting from January 15 as "Strawberry Day" until 19.

You can enjoy "Ichigo-san" which features mild and sweets flavor, vivid and beautiful red color, and fresh and juicy at "GLAMPING CAFÉ 153 From SAGA" in "SHARE GREEN MINAMI AOYAMA" in Minami Aoyama where is the place inspired luxurious camp style "Glamping",

Here, you can taste "Ichigo-san" inspired sweets supervised by Shinsuke Ishii who is an owner Chef of Michelin’s 1 star French restaurant "Sincere".
At the venue, it offers "Beauty Glamping" to show beauty of "Ichigo-San" at the indoor café, "Sweet Glamping” to show the sweetness in lawn area. you can enjoy lovely strawberry world with the area besed on red.
The best recommendation is "Ichigo San Cream puff" 600yen (tax included) which used plenty of "Ichigo San".In addition, to those who ordered drinks at the café, it offers the urban strawberry picking that you can pick your favorite "Ichigo San" from the display for the first 153 people,And sells "Ichigo San Blend" 400yen (tax included) that blended specially to match for Ichigo San, with three "Ichigo-san" strawberry picking.

Please coming to the limited time event to have experiencing the special strawberries boasting Saga’s proud, which have suitable of the catch phrase as "looking beautiful and tasting sweet"!

Address: 1-12-32, Minami Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo

Eat and Get Rid of Demons? Setsubun's Special Sweets at Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tue, 08 Jan 2019 05:00:00 +0900 1546820460 Ehomaki (sushi roll eaten during setsubun) is traditional for Setsubun event, but also Ehomaki shaped cale roll is getting popular.

The cafe & gourmet shop "Cafe Bell" at "Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka" will offer "Oni (demon) cake" and "Ehomaki rolled cake" for Setsubun event.

New item "Oni cake" 500 yen (tax included), which seems to be able to kill demons by eating, is a cute design imitating red demon. Berry mousse and strawberry jelly are inside the mascarpone cheese mousse, and finished with the red grazaudi on the top, is so perfect for Instagram!"Ehomaki rolled cake" 972 yen (tax included) looking like sushi roll wrapped 7 kinds of fruits featuring 7 lucky gods, whipped cream, custard cream and sponge cake in chocolate. The length is 16.5 cm.

Setsubo sweet with 7 types of fruits and cream named after the Seven Lucky Gods, custard cream, sponge dough wrapped in chocolate.

"Oni cake" and "Ehomaki rolled cake" will be available on the day but numbers are limited so reservation will be better.The reservation will be accepted by January 31, and the delivery date will be February 3.
"Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka" will also offer Ehomaki , the authentic Setsubun Sushi roll, at "Japanese cuisine Uemachi". Authentic sushi roll "Uemachi Ehomaki" 1800yen (tax included) has carefully selected 7 kinds of ingredients such as egg, eel and shrimps. The reservation will be available by February 2 and the delivery date is 11:30 to 14:00, and 15:00 to 1900 of February 3rd.

Enjoy Setsubun event that the tradition custom to get rid of demons with "Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka" cake and Ehomaki!

■ "Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka"
Address: 6-1-55 Uehonmachi, Tennoji Ward, Osaka City