PRTIMES.COM from japan Tue, 20 Aug 2019 06:00:00 +0900 en hourly 1 Kyoto Aquarium Offers an Event to Get to Know About Giant Salamander Tue, 20 Aug 2019 06:00:00 +0900 1565915348 Kyoto Aquarium will hold an event "September 9 is the Day of Giant Salamander 2019" to learn about Giant Salamander's charms for three days from September 7th to 9t. "Japanese Giant Salamander Day" is appied by Kyoto Aquarium to Japan Anniversary Association and was certified in April 2018. Kyoto Aquarium has been trying to disseminate information on ecology and habitats, including the display of Giant Salamanders that live in the local Kamo River since its opening, and currently exhibits about 20 of them.The event "September 9 is the Day of Giant Salamander 2019" offers various contents such as "Let’s measure about Ginant Salamanders!" which measures giant salamanders that allow you to move one salamander in every 3 days to observe the size,"Giant Salamander’s dinner time" which you can observe Salamanders dinner time to open the big mouth and eat rice while listening to the explanation about the ecology of Giant Salamander and the characteristics of each individual, In addition, there is give away of all three types of original trading cards that contain tips on giant salamanders. All contents can be enjoyed by wide age ranges from children to senior. Aquarium admission fee is required, but the participation fee for the event is free of charge, so anyone can feel free to join. Also, Kyoto Aquarium original "Robert Akiyama Produce Monomane T-shirt BOTY" size M / L / XL / 3780 yen each in collaboration with Robert Akiyama who is familiar with body copy performance,An
And baby’s "Bib" 1950yen (tax included) will be on sale at "Museum shop". They are also available in the online shop. So if you are interested, please check them out!

Let’s go to Kyoto Aquarium to see Giant Salamanders for this summer!

■"Kyoto Aquarium"
Address: 35-1, Kankijicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto

Restaurant Bus Tour for Enjoying "Food and Nature" by Hisan, Hokkaido Tue, 20 Aug 2019 03:00:00 +0900 1566174413 The Hiyama area village association in the Hiyama, located in the Toshima Peninsula, the southwestern part of Hokkaido, will offer "Restaurant bus tour in Hiyama" to enjoy "Nature", "Agricultural workshop" with French cuisine that features local and seasonal ingredients cooperated with the Hakodate Office of the JTB Hokkaido Division from September 11th to 15th! It has started booking by phone and online since August 16th.
"Restaurant Bus Tour in Hiyama" is touring around Hiyama area in Hokkaido where you can enjoy majestic wild nature that only Hokkaido has, enjoy French lunch course meal using local ingredients such as black pig of Assabu town with magnificent view, and join Agricultural and fishery experience such as asparagus harvesting and scallop polishing.
The chef is Yuya Sekikawa, who is from southern Hokkaido and is also a chef of JR East's luxury sleeper train "TRAIN SUITE Shikijima". He organized total produce of the tour from the meal designing to the selection of ingredients to the actual cooking. He offers course meals with a seasonal ingredients made in Hisan and creatively arrangement.As for the agriculture and fishery experience, an asparagus harvest experience in Atsawabe Town and a scallop polishing experience (come with grilled scallops) in Otobe Town will be planed, but the contents may vary depending on the conditions, so please check it out in advance.

The tour fee is 12,800 yen (tax included) for junior high school students and above. The price includes the lunch course fee, but drinks will be charged separately.
Why don't you make memories of early autumn on a tour where you can fully enjoy Hisan through food, nature and history?

2nd in Tokyo! Okonomiyaki Restaurant Originated in Kyoto Opens in Gotanda Tue, 20 Aug 2019 00:00:00 +0900 1565829572 An Kyoto’s okonomiyaki restaurant "Nishikiwarai" will open new branch in Gotanda on August 21!

"Nishikiwarai! Gotanda branch will open on the fourth floor of the urban compact commercial facility "FUNDES Gotanda" that opens on the same day.
"Nishikiwarai", which has been loved by many fans is gaining popularity more not only Japanese but also foreign tourists, will open 2nd branch in Tokyo followed by Sangenchaya branch.

You can enjoy variety of foods which uses carefully selected ingredients and focus on preparation and seasoning.

The signature food "Waraiyaki" is absolutely unique dish and those ingredients such as dough, soup stock, noodles, sauce and mayonnaise sauce are all originally made by "Nishikiwarai".

The dough is so fluffy which blended with fresh crispy cabbage, soft noodle and half raw egg, the sauce is rich and thick developed exclusively for "Waraiyaki", and Mayonnaise sauce is creamy and moderate acidity and sweetness. The Okonomiyaki is absolutely craftsmanship work that is packed the flavors in it on the thick iron plate and manipulates the powerful firepower. You can not taste “Nishikiwarai” Okonomiyaki at your home. In addition, "Kujo Leek and Roast Beef Okonomiyaki", combined the traditional "Okonomiyaki" with Kyoto traditional vegetable Kujo leek and roast beef with rare part of a meet, can only be available in Tokyo’s two branches. This is also very recommended dish.

■ "Nishikiwarai Gotanda"
Address: 1-2-8 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

"Art of Illumination" in Mt. Rokkosan with $10M Worth of Night View Mon, 19 Aug 2019 05:00:00 +0900 1565829327 "Mt. Rokkosan Illuminating Art Lightscape in Rokko" is an illumination display that illuminates the frame that covers the entire observation deck from the inside with light close to natural light, using more than 10 million colors of LED lights. An illumination designer, Masayuki Fushimi, expresses the four seasons as spring, summer, autumn, and winter with familiar sceneries for Japanese.

From September 1st to November 30th, "Mt. Rokkosan illumination art -Lightscape in Rokko Autumn version-" will be displayed in the Rokko Garden Terrace.

As an autumn version of illumination, it expresses the sceneries of several birds rush to return to the home and the appearance like flying kite when sun is nearly down and close to the edge of a mountain.

Admission fee is 300 yen for adults (junior high school students and above) and 200 yen for children (4 years old to elementary school age).In addition, as a work of am exhibition called "Rokko Meets Art Walk 2019" which will start from September 13, "View Tower" and the nearby cafe "Granite Cafe" will also be illuminated by Masayuki Fushimi. Please check this also.

Why don’t you experience the art of illumination with a magnificent night view worth to be said of $ 10 million.

■"Rokko Garden Terrace"
Address: 1877-9 Gosukeyama, Rokkoyama-cho, Nada, Kobe, Hyogo

A 700 People Village become a Hotel! A Hotel Renovated Traditional JP House Opens in Yamanashi Mon, 19 Aug 2019 03:00:00 +0900 1565741595 "NIPPONIA Ogura Kosuge Genryu no Mura", an hotel renovated 150 years old Japanese traditional house where former celebrities lives will open in Kosugemura, Yamanashi Prefecture. Kosugemura villege, located at the head of the Tama River, is 95% forest. It is a small village with a population of about 700 people surrounded by rich nature. "NIPPONIA Ogura Kosuge Genryu no Mura" opens as a model to make use of the depopulation of this village, the problem of unoccupied houses, and tourism resources in the face of depopulated aging.As the first phase of the project, which started with the concept of "a village of 700 people as one hotel", It will open "OHYA Unit" which is refurbished "Hosokawa mansion" with 4 rooms and 22 seats restaurants. In May 2020, two old houses will be refurbished and two rooms will be added. There are about 70 to 100 abandoned houses in the village, those old houses will be refurbished to hotels in orders.Most of the ingredients provided here are grown by farmers in Kosugemura Village, and the management staff are all villagers. In "NIPPONIA Ogura Kosuge Genryu no Mura", you can feel the whole village atmosphere to explore the surrounding nature, looking around the village by bicycle, and communicating to the people in the village."OHYA Unit", where the Japanese garden spreads out, has three rooms in the main building and one room in the storehouse. You can enjoy a private space with a different concept in each room.The Nagayamon gate at the entrance was remade as a restaurant, and it offers seasonal ingredients made by producers in Kosugemura as a concept of "24 sekski", which divides the four seasons of Japan into six.
This "OHYA Unit" can be used 1 night with 2 meals from 25,000 yen per person.There is also a highly alkaline hot spring "Kobuchi no Yu" in the area that is well-received as a beauty hot spring.

Why don't you spend a wonderful time at "NIPPONIA Ogura Kosuge Genryu no Mura" that you cannot experience in urban life?
■"Ohya Unit"
3155-1, Kosugemura village, Kitatsurugun, Yamanasi

"Potato and Chestnut Sweets Fair" to Enjoy Autumn Taste Mon, 19 Aug 2019 00:00:00 +0900 1565741807 "Chef's Palette", a café and dinning at Sunshine City Prince Hotel offers "Imokuri Sweets Fair" features potato and chest nuts sweets from September 1 to 22, November 1 to 22 to enjoy autumn atmosphere.

At the venue, in addition to "potatoes" and "chestnuts" representing the rich taste of autumn, there are about 20 kinds of sweets made from seasonal fruits such as strawberries, pears and grapes.
Including "Chestnut cream short cake" that can be cut to any size,"Chestnut with rice flour chiffon cake" where you can enjoy mariage of ingredients,
 and "Persimmon and chocolate tart", which has lovely autumn color and excellent rich flavor.

In addition, "Chocolat Fountain" where you can enjoy 3 types of chocolate sauce and various ice creams with ice cream with "potato" and "chestnuts" are also available.

Also "Demonstration dish" will be available which is delivered freshly to your table!
The demonstration dish will be "Chestnut pancake with green tea ice cream" from September 1st to 22nd, and "Sweet potato waffle with vanilla ice cream" from November 1st to 22nd.

The price of "Sweets Buffet" is 3300 yen for adults, 1400 yen for elementary school students, 800 yen for 4-6 years old, and 0-3 years old free of charge (both tax and service charge included). The buffet hours are 15:00-17:00 for weekdays, 12:00-14:00/15:00-17:00 for Saturdays and holidays.

Also, "Sweets & dinner buffet" where you can enjoy hors d'oeuvres and meals as well as sweets is 4000 yen for adults, 1500 yen for elementary school students, 900 yen for 4-6 years old, free of charge for 0-3 years old (both tax and service charge included), opening hours is 18:00-21:00. The reservation is now accepted on the official website, so check it out if you are interested!

Why don’t you enjoy special time with autumn atmosphere at tasty sweet buffet?

■"Sunshine City Prince Hotel"
Address: 3-1-5, Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ward, Tokyo

"Hoki Coffee Terrace" Opens at Centrair in Chubu International Airport Fri, 16 Aug 2019 05:00:00 +0900 1565660149 With the excitement of traveling with an airplane, spending the time at the airport is one of the best part of traveling. "Hoki Coffee Terrace" will open a 3rd branch at 4th Floor Skytown in Chubu International Airport Centrair following Nagoya, Okazaki branches.
At Hoki Coffee Terrace, which has a reputation for making relaxing coffee time, you can taste the coffee extracted with a siphon in a large cup. As well as it offers the classic breakfast service that you will definitely want to enjoy when you visit Aichi, it also offers “Beer Morning Set” exclusively for Centrair branch for people who want to have a drink before leaving.

You will definitely feel travel excitement with the super cold beer and the original breakfast service!
The attractions are not only for the breakfast. As for lunch time, you can choose from 5 kinds of monthly lunch dishes. A lunch dishes are such as homemade quiche and pasta, pasta using seasonal vegetables, meat lunch platter, and a popular curry series which looks all beautiful. All lunch dishes include salads, soups, desserts and drinks.
As for dinner, there are many dinner sets available that you can enjoy casually. There are 9 main dishes include a wide range of foods such as meat platters, fish dishes, and big salads.

Also course meals such as the girls' party plan and beer garden plan are available, and all-you-can-drink can be available with the course. So it is attractive for small groups to big groups. Reservations can be made from 2 people, and birthday surprises are also available.
Opening hours are from 7:00 to 21:00 (last order 20:30). Why don't you spend a relaxing time at the airport while enjoying delicious food and coffee?]]>
Umbrella Art Brand "SUSTO" Hold Summer Exhibition to Display Underwater World! Fri, 16 Aug 2019 02:00:00 +0900 1565660268 The umbrella art brand "SUSTO" featuring collagraph art print umbrella will hold the summer exhibition "SUSTO SUMMER EXHIBITION 2019" from August 22 to 25. It will be held at the gallery "Kara-S" on the 3rd floor of COCON KARASUMA. The theme of this exhibition, which is the second time for "SUSTO", is "Summer Holiday". The main display of the exhibition is called "Kaitei Shokudo Onami", an umbrella work depicting cute underwater fish, octopus, and squid.

It exhibits not only umbrellas, but displays mobiles made of Collagraph prints are hung from the ceiling, to create a water world where the entire venue is completely changed into the undersea world.

It also set photo booths where you can take pictures with your umbrella and workshops where you can experience making Collagraph prints for a memorable summer vacation. The workshop is prioritized for reservations from online shops.

You can enjoy "SUSTO" world fully with the exhibition. Why don’t you go there for memory of summer holiday?

■the gallery "kara-S"
Address: COCON KARASUMA 3F, 620, Suiginyacho, Karasumadori, Yonjo kudaru, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto

Sleep Tight in summer! “High Buckwheat Pillow” is now available! Fri, 16 Aug 2019 00:00:00 +0900 1565311099 "Sobayume Monogatari", is a modern version of a pillow filled with buckwheat husk using modern technology. "Sobayume Monogatari" is now releasing high pillow "Sobayume Monogatari Omori" from August 5th.

"Sobayume Monogatari" is a pillow made of domestic buckwheat. Dirt and impurities are removed by repeatedly washing the buckwheat 3 times or more. In addition, in order to suppress the occurrence of insects, natural cypress chips that are said to have an insect-repellent effect are also used. Also the pillow is washable.
"Sobayume Monogatari Omori", which appeared this time, uses about 1.7 times more of buckwheat than the standard type. The hight is up from 7cm to 11cm, so you can fully experience the comfort of buckwheat.
In addition, there is a height adjustment slit that allows you to take in and out buckwheat so you can adjust the height.

The standard type had a structure divided into four stages, but the high pillow has a flat shape that increases the fluidity of the material, so that you can enjoy a comfortable fit.
Buckwheat pillow is breathable and keep good ventilation, you can use it comfortablly in all seasons.
As with the standard type, the pillow cover uses Japanese bleached six-fold weave gauze fabric using Mikawa cotton thread. The fabric is absolutely gentle touch that you want to brush your cheek on to the pillow, the back side is a double gauze with a light texture, so you can use it according to the season and taste.

The size is width 63 x depth 43 x height 11cm. The price is 5980 yen (tax included). It is available at "Pillow and Sleeping Goods Shop! Rakuten Market Store" and others.

If you like high pillow, please check it out.]]>
Pipe Organ Concert series Held at 7 Places in Yokohama Thu, 15 Aug 2019 00:00:00 +0900 1565311504 Yokohama where is the first city to install pipe organs in Japan will hold 7 concerts featuring pipe organs in Yokohama. Why don't you go to the concert where a pipe organ which is the only one in the world will be played there to have experience?

This concert "YOKOHAMA MINATO MIRAI HALL ORGAN COLLECTION-Pipe organs and the city of Yokohama" is the part of the event of "Yokohama Music Festival 2019", one of the biggest musical events in Japan held from September 15 to November 15.

The pipe organ concert is as follows.

"Organ Promenade Concert Vol.373" will start at 12:20 on September 27 at Kanagawa Prefectural Hall Small Hall. Amanda Mall is the appearance. Tickets are no charge and the first 400 people can participate."Organ Concert" will start at 16:00 on September 29th at the Koyozaka Church. Appearance is Mr. Ben Blower. Ticket is free of charge and the first 100 people can participate.
"Yokohama Eiwa Gakuin Britain Hall Organ Concert" to be held at Yokohama Eiwa Gakuin Britain Hall at 14:00 on October 3rd. Tickets are free of charge and the appearance of Ben Blower. The first 800 people can participate.
"Organ Concert" at Yokohama Shiji Church will start at 12:10 on October 4th. Tickets are free of charge and Amanda Mall is appearance. Ticket is free of charge and the first 300 people can participate.
"The 226th Organ 1 Dollar Concert" will be held at the Minato Mirai Hall in Yokohama on October 5 performed by Amanda Mall at 12:10 and Ben Bloor at 14:30. The ticket price is 100 yen or 1 dollar. The first 1600 people can be joined each time.
"Lionel Avo Organ Recital" will be held at the Minato Mirai Hall in Yokohama. Appearance is Lionel Avo, ticket is 2500 yen for all seats reserved. Advance purchase is required at the Yokohama Minatomirai Hall Ticket Center.
At the Ferris Hall of Ferris University, "Ferris Hall Organ Concert" will be held from 19:00 on October 23rd. Starring Aya Iinuma, Chiharu Uuchi, Makiko Hayashima, and Hatsumi Miura, tickets are all 1,000 yen and seats are free. Advance purchase is required in the performance committee room of the Faculty of Music at Ferris University.
As the end, "Anderale Concert" will be held at the St. Andrew Church in Yokohama at 12am / 1 pm on October 27th. Michiyo Serizawa (organ), Hatsumi Miura (organ), Yoko Yamamoto (oboe, recorder), Midori Nagai (violin), Hina Sakamoto (arrangement) will appear. For inquiries, please contact the Yokohama Minatomirai Hall Ticket Center. *12am program is for children.
Let's rediscover the charm and history of the city of Yokohama by going through unique organ concerts that you can't have opportunity so often to listen the beautiful sounds and the performers.]]>
Moomin Shaped Lovely "Silhouette Baumkuchen Moomin" Appears! Tue, 13 Aug 2019 09:00:00 +0900 1565223737 Moomin Shop is an official brand shop for Moomin, a fairy tale from Scandinavia and Finland. At the Moomin Shop, "Silhouette Baumkuchen", that Baumkuchen to shape as Moomin characters in silhouette, will be released.

There are 3 types in total released. If you slowly open a box with square Baumkuchen that has been carefully baked, Baumkuchen shaped like Moomin, Little My, and Moomin House will be appeared.
This is "Silhouette Baumkuchen Moomin".
And here is "Silhouette Baumkuchen Little My", which will be pre-sold at Moomin Shop Mini Tokyo Station.
"Silhouette Baumkuchen Moomin House" will be pre-released at "Moomin House Cafe Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi Store".

The price is 600 yen each (tax excluded). The softly baked caramel-flavored Baumkuchen and moistened fondant make you feel happy each time when you bite. It's delicious even if it's cooling in fridge, and as it's an individual package, so it seems to be a great gift for homecoming souvenirs.

"Silhouette Baumkuchen" will be sold in advance at Moomin Shop Mini Tokyo Station Store, Moomin Shop Lucua Osaka Store, and Moomin House Cafe Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi Store from August 8. It will available in all shops from September.

Baumkuchen is even too cute to eat! If you bring them as souvenir, it makes everyone happy and smile!

Luxorious Stay at "Kamogawaso" with 4 Lovely Benefits Tue, 13 Aug 2019 02:00:00 +0900 1565223549 "Kamogawaso" located in Takehara, Hiroshima, is currently offering a women's travel plan that is full of joyful benefits for women for one month only until the end of August.
​​​​​​​"Kamogawaso​​​​​​​" is a luxorious accommodation that can be enjoyed various Japanese traditional culture such as Kaiseki meal which is a multi-course meal featuring the skill of the chef's skill, huge Japanese garden with 1500-tsubo that shows the difference  beautiful scenery in each seasons, and the theatre ​​​​​​​"Gekkaden​​​​​​​" where Japanese traditional performances like Noh can be performed , a traditional tea room “Koyotei”, and a sunken hearth restaurant "Irori Sanso". the women's trip plan "Aki Course with 4 lovely benefits♪Refresh your mind and body with a natural hot spring!" is a full of delightful contents included for women with 4 luxurious benefits.It is coming with 4 benefits such as a full bottle Rose wine which is necessary for enjoy night time, late check out available, photo service with Cheki, and Hiroshima’s popular product Kumano cheek brush which is also used by make-up artists who are doing celebrity makeup for many famous people including Hollywood stars.

Please check out the detail at "Kamogawaso" official home page.
Why don't you enjoy momorable stay with your friends or family at Kamogawaso?

Address: 445 Nishiyuzaka, Nishinocho, Takehara, Hiroshima