PRTIMES.COM from japan Mon, 18 Mar 2019 08:00:00 +0900 en hourly 1 Manufacturing Companies from Eastern Tokyo Gathers! "Temporary Shopping Street" in Ueno Sakuragi is on Mon, 18 Mar 2019 08:00:00 +0900 1552610277 A fictitious shopping street "East Tokyo Monodzukuri Shopping Street" created by Japanese "Monodzukuri" (manufacturing) companies based in "East Tokyo", will hold a business trip event on March 16th.
A manufacturing town, Eastern Tokyo, has many factories and small and medium-sized businesses related to fashion and daily goods since the Meiji era. "East Tokyo Monodzukuri Shopping Street" is working on boosting Eastern Tokyo through chemical connection that cause the fusion of good old things and new things.
This time, it will organize the third real event at the Ueno Sakuragi Atari, a complex that has been renovated three old Japanese houses in Yanaka.On the day, it will also hold product exhibition, spot sales and workshops by the town factories and craftsmen.

The event will open from 11: 00-16: 30 on March 16. The complex "Ueno Sakuragi Atari" is about 10 minutes on foot from south ticket gate, JR Nippori Station.

This would be a valuable opportunity to get in touch with “Monodsukuri (manufacturing)” of Eastern Tokyo. Let’s go!

■"Ueno Sakuragi Atari"
Address: 2-15-6, Ueno Sakuragi, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Buried in Cherry Blossom Petals! Enjoy Saga's Traditional Foods and Indoor Cherry Blossom Viewing Mon, 18 Mar 2019 05:00:00 +0900 1552609961 A chilling out bar "SAKURA CHILL BAR by Saga" where you can taste Saga’s traditional foods with "experience-based indoor cherry blossom viewing" will open limitedly from March 22 to 31 at "IKI-BA in commune 2nd" in Omotesando, Tokyo."SAKURA CHILL BAR by Saga" is a bar with a concept where you can "chill out" with the "scattering" petals of the cherry blossoms.
It sets cherry trees as interior, and You can enjoy Saga’s traditional foods and sake “Sagansake” in “Cherry blossom pool” where petals of cherry blossom scattered and piled up to the height of knees.

The same event was held last year first time, and it was well received like long lines waiting every day, and the intention to repeat shoppers was highly rated as 98%.
For this year, in addition to "Sakura chill SET" 1000 yen (tax-included) which can drink and compare three kinds of sake from 23 brands made in Saga with photogenic "Sakura-Masu" cup which gained popularity well last yearWe can enjoy new item like "strawberry SET" 1530 yen (tax-included) which boldly added Saga’s new brand “Ichigosan” strawberries into sake.  Please try out "experience-based indoor cherry blossom viewing" which is not affected by the weather or temperature.

■ "IKIBA in commune 2nd"
Address: 3-13 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Having Luxurious Time in Kyoto for GW! "Accommodation Plan with Tairyu Sanso Special Entry" Mon, 18 Mar 2019 02:00:00 +0900 1552523537 A luxurious hotel "SOWAKA" which will open in Gion Yasaka, Kyoto will offer golden week plans!

"SOWAKA" is a small and luxurious hotel with total of 23 rooms, including 11 rooms in the main building that was renovated the 100 years old former traditional restaurant with the Sukiya-zukuri architect, and 12 rooms in the new building with modern Japanese-style design that are newly built.

The mail building has opened in November 23 2018, and the new building and restaurants will open on March 25.One of the plans is "Accommodation plan with Tairyu Sanso special entry". You can take a tour on "Tairyu Sanso", which is usually closed. This is a special plan that Tomoki Kato, the representative of Ueyakato Landscape which is organized SOWAKA’s garden will show you the garden and Yoshiro Ogawa, the director of Tairyu Sanso, will show the buildings and works of art.

Tairyu-Sanso was built as a villa of Kanetsune Ijuin (an architect, a gardener, and a company president) in the former site of a sub-temple of Nanzen-ji from 1896 to 1899. It is a villa that has a building with a tea room and a library on the west side and a garden in east side of the site in 1,800 tsubo. A beautiful Japanese atmosphere place with Sukiyadukuri style building in a landscape in rich nature. It was designated as a national scenic spot in 1988.

It is for sure that your soul will be healed in the beautiful Japanese scenery harmonized with nature of Kyoto and craftsman’s professional work.
"Accommodation plan with Tairyu Sanso special entry" is 42,000 yen for a room with 2 people (tax, service charge, and accommodation tax are excluded). The plan is limited offer from April 28 to May 1, 23 pairs 46 people with 1 night 2 days. Reservation is available until 23:59 of April 26th.

Why don’t you experience to see the beautiful Tairyu Sanso that you can not usually get in!

Address: 480 Kiyoi-cho, Shimogawara-dori Yasaka Toriimae-sagaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

A New Style Fabric Brand Features Traditional "Kyo-Yuzen" Dyeing Opens! Fri, 15 Mar 2019 16:00:00 +0900 1552523374 A new style fabric brand "iromori" which sells hand painted fabrics painted by kyo-yuzen dyeing craftsmen will open new branch on March 16th.
"iromori" is the brand that includes the meaning of "protecting color" in Japanese. Using the traditional hand-painted Yuzen technique, which has been cultivated long time in Kyoto area, craftsmen from Tomihiro Dyeing factory create original fabrics.

While taking into consideration daily use such as clothes, fashion accessories and interiors as well as overseas extensions, they made 115 cm width fabric, which was unthinkable from conventional kimono fabric sizes.
You can by the cut fabrics with 10-cm increments with 30 cm of vertical width at the newly open shop. Also 4 colors are available for each pattern with adding the "iromori" original color messages.

We should keep eye on "iromori" which opens up new possibilities for Kyo-yuzen!

■ "iromori"
Address: 175-9, Nishiiri Fudomachi, Takoyakushi Shinmachi, Chukyo-ku, Kyoto

Achi Village in Nagano Boasting "Japan's Best Starry Sky" Holds Special Event! Fri, 15 Mar 2019 00:00:00 +0900 1552351223 Achi Village, located at the southern end of Nagano Prefecture, is a quiet mountain village known for "Hirugami hot spring" and "Hanamomo no Sato". In addition, it is also well known for "the village with beautiful Japanese stars" ranked the first place (2006) of "the place suitable for the observation of stars" in the national starry sky observation conducted by the Ministry of the Environment."Sky of paradise Winter Night Tour 2018 STARS BY NAKED" which has been held in Fujimidai Kogen Ropeway Heavens Sonohara will offer a special event "SNOW PLANET IN ACHIMURA" for 2 days of March 30 and 31 by the Performing Arts Company "enra".At the winter limited starry sky entertainment event "Natural Paradise Winter Night Tour 2018 STARS BY NAKED", you can enjoy projection mapping, the super planetarium MEGASTAR-II with a 15m diameter dome installed outdoors to enjoy 10 million stars in the starry sky, and admire stars far away with a telescope. In addition to those, at the special event "SNOW PLANET IN ACHIMURA", you can also enjoy the show fused with images and dance performed by "enra".This is the rare opportunity to enjoy top-class performances while looking at Japan's best starry sky. For more information about the event, check on the "Star Village Achi Visitor Promotion Council" website.

No Need for Preparation! Let's Enjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing at Inside of Beer Hall Thu, 14 Mar 2019 15:00:00 +0900 1552351332 The beer hall Lion Ginza 7-chome branch will offer an event "Cherry Blossom Viewing Beer Hall" with interior decoration looking like a cherry blossom tree-lined road from March 12 (Tuesday) to April 14 (Sunday)!

A popular unique event for this season to enjoy "cherry blossom viewing" at indoor without worrying about the weather will appear again. There is no need to worry about cold weather, securing a spot, preparation and cleaning up, and you can fully enjoy "spring of Japan".

The Beer Hall Lion Ginza 7-chome store, which celebrates the 85th anniversary of its foundation, is intended to give complimentary gifts for people who visit from 17:00 during the period from March 12 to April 8 for showing its appreciation. It will give scratch cards with no loose. Don't miss the wonderful benefits, such as "Assorted 5 Sausages" and "Half price of the draft beer ticket" that can be used from April 9 to May 31.

How about enjoying the nostalgic cherry blossom viewing in Japan's oldest beer hall with beautiful cherry blossoms?

■Beer Hall Lion Ginza-7-Chome branch
Address: Ginza Lion Building 1F, 7-9-20, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

"Nagoya Castle Honmaru Palace Cafe" will Open Temporally in Omotesando, Tokyo Thu, 14 Mar 2019 06:00:00 +0900 1552350825 In order to publicize "Nagoya Castle Honmaru Goten", Nagoya Castle General Office will start a campaign "Hello GORGEOUS!" from March 15 where you can experience the gorgeous Nagoya Castle Honmaru Palace.
"Nagoya Castle Honmaru Goten Cafe" as a part of the event "Nagoya Castle Honmaru Palace" will temporarly open in Omotesando, Tokyo from March 15 to 17. Junji Takada, the campaign character who has been popular for long time in Nagoya, whose gorgeous golden banner is the sign of the shop.In the cafe, in order to experience the charm of "Nagoya Castle Honmaru Palace", it will prepare walls decorations like Fusuma paintings, Edo columns, wall paintings in the cafe where will be great for photo shoots.
During the event, it is said that Ieyasu Tokugawa who belongs in "Nagoya hospitality warrior command" will stay in the cafe and answer anything related to Nagoya, such as history of Nagoya, about Edo era, and Ieyasu Tokugawa himself.

In addition, "Nagoya Castle Honmaru Palace Cafe" will offer the original Japanese sweets which featuring "Awaited spring in Honmaru Palace" collaborated with Japanese sweets shop "ICHIDA" where is the traditional Japanese confectionery shop descended from Kikyoya, the Tokugawa’s favorite sweet shop. You can enjoy gorgeous Japanese sweet and experience gorgeous Honmaru Palace atmosphere together there.
"Early Spring set" 1100 yen (tax included) can be ordered as a set with assorted small Japanese sweets "Higashi" and favorite drink. Higashi is unique but common sweets for tea time in Owari (old Nagoya). You can enjoy those unique texture such as a mochi covered with rice sprinkles (White egg is used for the flower petals).
"Anko Castle set" 900 yen (tax included), a set of raw confectioneries and drinks, is a sweet that looks like Nagoya Castle with four mochi balls, made of white red beans and Ise sweet potato, which are unique products in Owari. The Yellow color images gold killer whales, pink images cherry blossoms, green images pine tree, and blue images water moats.

You can select the set drink from "coffee with golden leaf" (warm and drip) or "green tea with golden leaf" (cold and Nishio brand green tea used).Also, the cafe will also sell products from the two brands "marimomen" and "cucuri" that convey the charm of Nagoya’s traditional art craft "Arimatsu Narumi Shibori" which has more than 400 years history.
The first 50 people who will purchase the original Japanese sweets set or products sold in the cafe will receive a complimentary gifs such as Nagoya's popular item "Mya-Mya goods" every day. The 15th is "Notepad", the 16th is "Ball point pen", and the 17th is "Masking tape".

"HELLO GORGEOUS!-Let's play with gorgeous." is a campaign to appeal the charm of the Honmaru Palace to the whole country by broadcasting commercial with Junji Takada on YouTube, Instagram as well as opening the cafe. It will screen a history drama depicting "Osaka no Jin” and “Wedding ceremony of Yoshinao’s Princess Haru" to promote Nagoya Castle Honmaru Palace. In addition, AR memorial photography photo booth will be set in there so that you can feel going back to 400 years ago and experience the gorgeous Honmaru palace experience.

■"ZeroBase Omotesando"
Address: 5-1-25, Minami Aoyama Tokyo

2 Days Event to Enjoy Charms of Sado Island where is the largest remote island in the Sea of Japan Thu, 14 Mar 2019 00:00:00 +0900 1552351003 Sado Island is the largest remote island in the Sea of Japan, and is famous for its rich culture, delicious sake, and traditional culture such as Demon drums. The event "SADO ni Kiccha!" that you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of Sado Island will be held at "The Fleming House" in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, Tokyo, on March 23 and 24.

At the venue, Sado Island's traditional performing arts "Demon drum" will be performed. The appearance of demons bravely and violently dancing along the beat of the drums is highly popular and has attracted attention even in n abroad for recent years. This time, a female team will be formed from one of the Demon drum team "Kasuga Oni-gumi" which is active in Japan and abroad. It will perform as live and also open a workshop.In addition, a tasting and sales event for "Sado Spice Curry" using ingredients from Sado Island organized by the popular curry researcher Monkochijo will be held.Also, there are many workshops where you can enjoy the charm of Sado Island such as a workshop to make nostalgic bamboo toys organized by elders of Hamochi-machi,And a workshop making natural soap using Japanese herbs and wild grass in Sado.In addition, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus’s bakery "T & M Bread Delivery SADO Island", where you have to wait for more than half a year to get delivered, will appeared at the venue. Natural yeast bread and popular apple pie will be appeared.Besides, "Sado Hozon", where is popular for "Eating Jam" using Sado Island ingredients, offers the jam with sandwiches and drinks in collaboration with Mr. and Mrs. Marcus's natural yeast bread.

Admission is free of charge and open from 11:00 to 18:00 on both days. Don't miss the event full of charm about Sado Island!

■ "The Fleming House"
Address: 2-6-10 Miyoshi Koto-ku, Tokyo

"Flame Grilled Chicken Thigh" and "Roasted Coffee" are Available! New Cooking Tool for Outdoor Tue, 12 Mar 2019 12:00:00 +0900 1552018962 The outdoor brand "LOGOS" has released an outdoor cooking item "Charcoal grill for chicken thigh", that can be enjoyed Izakaya (Japanese pub) style foods in the outdoor area. The price is 3700 yen (tax excluded). In addition to the LOGOS retail stores, it is available at nationwide famous sports chain stores and home centers."Charcoal grill for chicken thigh" is an authentic flame-grilled tool with the stainless steel net to cook flame cooking dishes such as chicken thigh Yakitori. The entrance is large opening and it is easy to put big pieces in there.In addition, because of the lid, you can also make popcorn as snacks to enjoy seeing the popcorn popping in the net. It would be the very useful tool for outdoor occasions with big family and friend groups.Besides, it is also good for roasting coffee beans and ginkgo, and you can enjoy varieties of foods with your ideas.As the handle is foldable, it's also nice to be able to carry and store compactly.

It would be so luxury that you can enjoy quality pub foods and freshly made popcorn at outdoor! Check it out!

"Café 1894" Offers Cherry Blossom Viewing and Spring Special Dishes! Tue, 12 Mar 2019 06:00:00 +0900 1552019140 "Café 1894" located in Marunouchi, Tokyo, in Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum of Art, is a classic museum cafe bar that has restored the banking office in the Meiji period.

"Café 1894" will offer "HANAMI Fair" that you can enjoy seasonal special foods and cherry blossom viewing from March 19 to April 22.

The big cherry tree installed near the entrance of the store is well received at this fair, which will be the 4th time. During the period of the fair, two cherry trees with 3m height will be appeared in the store, and although they are not real, they are still gorgeous!

It is lightening up at the night, and the interior of the cafe is more illusional atmosphere. Even at this time when it is chilly, you can enjoy a comfortable viewing of the flowers all day long, regardless of the weather.The limited menu inspiring "Cherry blossom" and "Spring" will appear at dinner time (5pm to 11pm / LO 10pm), such as "Marinated O. masou with spring vegetables salad style" 1100 yen (tax excluded),
"Chicken Ballottine and braising spring cabbage" 1200 yen (tax excluded),
"Grilled risotto with sakura shrimps and clams" 1600 yen (tax excluded),"Fran Boise mousse and cherry blossoms Monaka" 900 yen (tax excluded). The appetizers, main dishes, desserts and cocktails are all available to order, so if you eat them as a course meal, the spring atmosphere is boosting.It's a calm atmosphere cafe near Tokyo Station, so, let’s enjoy spring time there.

■ "Café 1894"
Address: Tokyo Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum of Art 1F, 2-6-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Enjoy "Phantom Flower"! "Christmas Rose Exhibition" at Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden Tue, 12 Mar 2019 00:00:00 +0900 1552004123 Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden will hold "Christmas rose exhibition -phantom flower Helleborus Thibetanus-" featuring Christmas roses like "Helleborus Thibetanus" from March 16 to 31 for the first time.

"Helleborus Thibetanus" which is so called "phantom Christmas rose" is a deciduous Christmas rose with a height of 30 to 50 cm. The flowers start scarlet at first, but afterward they change color to green.

"Helleborus Thibetanus" donated by the Japan Thibetanus Association in 2016 has become one of the largest clusters in Japan, and the number is 200 shares. It is only Rokko alpine botanical garden in Kansai that you can see the open-field cultivation close to natural habitat.

Also it will exhibit 13 kinds of Christmas rose pots, displays panels to show Christmas rose’s ecology of detail, and sells valuable Christmas rose flower seedlings only available here.

Rokko alpine botanical garden opens from 10:00 to 17:00 (reception is closed at 16: 30). Admission fee is adult (junior high school student or above) 620 yen, children (4 yrs old to emelentary school student) 310 yen.

All visitors visit before April 30 will receive complimentary gift as "Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden Calendar", so do not miss this opportunity!

■"Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden"
Address: 4512-150, Kita Rokko, Rokko-Sancho, Nadaku, Kobe

Special Liquor Matching with Mackerel Dishes Appears by Ibaraki's Brewery Mon, 11 Mar 2019 03:00:00 +0900 1552004298 "Saba de CHU", a preeminent liquor compatible with mackerel, is on sale on March 8th which is actually "a day of mackerel"!

This liquor is made specially to enjoy eating mackerel with, and it has been tested repeatedly to be able to enjoy mackerel in Ibaraki prefecture boasting the largest catch in Japan."SABA de CHU" with two sesame mackerels kissing on the package, featuring a pleasing faint lemon scent, has a desire to have couple to enjoy drinking it casually."SABA de CHU" is manufactured by "Meirisyurui" which is a long-established brewery manufacturer in Mito city, Ibaraki prefecture. "Kato Shuzo shop" founded in the Ansei year at the end of the Edo Period is the predecessor, and it became a corporation as "Meirisyurui" in Showa 25 (1950).
Since then, it exports to overseas not only distilled liquor and alcohol beverages but Sake, Shochu, other liquor (such as plum with shochu) as an alcoholic beverage maker.

Please try the new type of alcohol with various mackerels dishes such as pickled mackerels, mackerel with miso and grilled mackerel that was made by long established brewery!