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Gelato Pique x PEANUTS! The Theme for This Winter is "break time"

"Gelato pique" which has been loved by women with a unique sense and functionality will offer a collaboration item with PEANUTS again this year, it will be released from November 7.

The theme of this PEANUTS collaboration item is "break time". It is printed cookie recipe and motifs on top which you can’t miss for your break time.
"PEANUTS Bebi Moko Jacquard Unisex Shawl Cardigan" 2 colors with Snoopy printed on the back is 7600 yen each."PEANUTS Bebimoko Jacquard Dress" 7200 yen which is printed Snoopy on the top has casual long one-piece and hood. Similarly, "PEANUTS HOMME Baby Moko Jacquard Pullover" 7400 yen which has printed Snoopy on the front with letters on the sleeves. In addition, "PEANUTS: Baby Moko Jacquard baby rompers" 6400 yen, perfect for gifts, "PEANUTS Baby Moko Blanket" 5800 yen,
"PEANUTS cookie tissue case" 5000 yen,
"PEANUTS Snoopy & Rabbit soft toy" 7000 yen and many other items that make you healing are available.

"Gelato pique" and PEANUTS collaboration item, let's "take a rest together with Snoopy"!

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