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Irori Table by Logos which are Perfect for Outdoor Occasion in winter!

The outdoor brand "LOGOS" will collaborate with "Sengoku Aladdin" and release the second "LOGOS × SENGOKU ALADDIN collaboration item" on November 1st. "Sengoku Aladdin" is developing a portable gas series that can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor scenes, using cassette cylinders as fuel, based on the concept of "Aladdin close at anytime, anywhere". The second collaboration "LOGOS x ALADDIN stove table" 29,000 yen (tax excluded) is a round table with a wooden top that makes it easy to surround the "Aladdin" stove in the hearth style.In the middle, the retro-designed "Aladdin Blue Frame",
"Sengoku Aladdin Portable Gas Stove" is the size that fits perfectly, so you can enjoy your meal while keeping warm, and the table is a great safety guard to prevent burns and injuries.
 It is easy to assemble just by fixing four locations,
and it has a storage bag that is convenient to carry, making it ideal for outdoor use.

It will be Available at nationwide "LOGOS" stores, dealers and the online shop.

Make use of the "LOGOS × ALADDIN stove table" where you can comfortably enjoy the cold weather outdoors!