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Lucky Motives Become Cute Pattern on Amulet! "Fukufuku Lip" Offers New Items

"Fukufuku Lip", a new form of amulet with a specially designed lip balm that protects peoples lip from dryness in a modern design amulet offers new designed amulet bags on October 28 at “Ichishindo Honpo” as online and Tokyo Skytree Town Soramachi store in advance, on November 1 at Tokyu Hands Loft and others."Fukufuku Lip" is an item created for the ideal to wear amulet more happily and more freely on you. It has beautiful refreshing Yuzu (Japanese Citrus) aroma which been loved by Japanese since ancient times for talisman, and 12 kinds of Japanese herb ingredients that have been included to keep moisturize and protect your lips for a long time.
The new patterns for Fall / Winter 2019, the 48th to 51st patterns by "Fukufuku Lip" series, are all 5 patterns based on the theme of lucky motifs. A new pattern of "Moon Rabbit Crimson Pink", "Cat Pale Orange", "Hanatemari Rich Pink" and "Happy Bird Pink" and popular reprinted "Plum Red" will appear. All of them have cute colors and patterns, that definitely makes you more feminine! The amulet bags are sewn by hand by craftsmen carefully in Japan. It adopts Fujiyama Weaving which is said to have started more than 1000 years ago in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture, the base of Mt. Fuji, and the yarn is dyed with spring water from Mt. Reproduces vivid colors.

The price is 1000 yen each (tax excludedi). "Fukufuku Lip", which brings you smile and happiness, can be used in a variety of occasions, from daily usage to gifts, and is an ideal introduction to Japanese culture as an overseas souvenir. Let’s bring happiness and smile with the lip balm!