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Anko Lover! Let's Gather at Kyoto to eat Tokyo's 3 Famous Dorayaki

The event "Anko Club at Kyoto" will be held on November 2nd in Kyoto where you can taste famous 3 Tokyo Dorayaki brand.

"Anko Club" means that the club managers organized by the Japan Anko Association procured essential anko confectionery at once, and brought Japanese confectioneries back to the clubroom for the club members (general Anko fans). This is a club activity where everyone can share and enjoy eating and comparing while enjoying satisfying life. This time, we plan to eat "Tokyo's three major dorayaki" and compare three popular dorayaki from Tokyo, such as "Kameju" from Asakusa, "Usagiya" from Ueno, and "Sogetsu" from Higashi Jujo. In order to have a deep understanding of Anko, it is necessary to know the difference, and it is the attraction of this event that you can feel the wonderfulness of Anko by comparing them.

In addition, eating anko confectionery with many people leads everyone to share great happiness together while feeling unconditional love with each other. It leads to the mission of the Japan Anko Association “Realization of World Peace”.

The event will also offer recommended drinks designed by Toshifumi Kuda, a hair conditioner from Kyoto City and designed by the Kyoto branch of the Japan Anko Association.
"Anko Club at Kyoto" is held at the Kyoto Branch of the Japanese Anko Association. The opening hours are from 15:00 to 17:00 in the daytime and from 18:30 to 20:30 in the nighttime. The entry fee is 3500 yen (3000 yen for members of the Japan Anko Association).

Let’s experience how Anko is amazing at the event where you can get famous Dorayaki fromt Tokyo.

■ "Japan Anko Association Kyoto Branch"
Address: (2nd floor, Hisada Art Industry) 144, Sanjo Odori Koji, Nishijo Sanko Oil Kouji, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto