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Vegan Sweets "Bi-Donuts" is Available at Shop in Shibuya!

Edible florist "DIBLE GARDEN" and "UPBEET! Tokyo", a plant-based sweet shop! Collaborated together and open a limited period pop-up store "Bi Donuts" as a vegan dessert shop using edible roses that do not use chemical pesticides in Shibuya. EDIBLE GARDEN is the only edible flower shop in Japan where does not use 100% chemical pesticides.The shop deals with variety of edible flowers such as domestic high-quality edible roses by designated producers, and edible flowers which are used in restaurants with Michelin stars."Bi donuts" is vegan & gluten-free, white sugar-free fried donuts with pesticide-free edible roses. It is not only beautiful with the look, but you can be beautiful with detox.

"UPBEET! Tokyo" uses various fermentation ingredients and vegetable oils such as "malted rice" and "aged mirin" for the aim to incorporate many good bacteria from sweets and improve the intestinal environment. In addition, edible roses have a high nutritional value. Typical examples include vitamin C, vitamin E, and polyphenols, which are said to have the effect of activating beautiful skin, metabolism, and promoting female hormones."Bi donuts-Vegan sweets decorated with edible flowers-" 480 yen (tax included) is provided at "UPBEET!Tokyo POP UP STORE Shibuya Scramble Square" from November 1 to 10.
Why don’t you try the delicious vegan sweets beautifully decorated with edible roses.

■ "UPBEET! Tokyo POP UP STORE Shibuya Scramble Square"
Address: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 2-24-12 Shibuya Scramble Square 6F