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Total Coordination with 5000yen! Eco-Friendly Second-Hand Clothing Shop Opens

A low-priced, eco-friendly second-hand clothing store "LOWECO" where you can make total coordination with 5000yen only will open in Nakazaki-cho, Osaka on November 1.The brand name "LOWECO" is the two words "LOWPRICE" and "ECOLOGY" are connected. The desire is to become a second-hand clothing store where you can feel fashion and ecology. The average price line of second-hand clothing of LOWECO which purchased used clothes around the world to repair it is 700 yen for cut-and-sew shirt, 1000 yen for bottoms, 2000 for outerwear.The sweater and skirt are totally 3500yen,
Even if an outer, a top and bottoms are combined, it became around 5000 yen to complete the seasonal co-ordination. To commemorate the opening of the Nakazakicho store this time, people who download the app and register as a member will receive an original Marche bag! Be hurry to get it before this is gone. "LOWECO" is actively engaged in global environmental conservation activities that collect unnecessary clothing and turn it into resources, or recommend my bags to reduce waste and value resources.
As this is the time to change cloth for autumn and winter, let’s be fashionable with “LOWECO” to contribute for global environment where will be opened in Nakazakicho, a popular area in Osaka.

■"LOWECO" Nakazakicho store
Address: 2-4-26, Nakazaki Nishi, Kita-ku, Osaka