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First Store in the World! "GESHARY COFFEE" Specialty Coffee Opens at Hibiya

The first coffee shop specializing "GESHARY COFFEE", which is called the best variety in specialty offees, will open on November 1 in Hibiya. Check out the new café if you love coffee.

"GESHARY COFFEE Hibiya" is a cafe specializing the rare coffee bean "GESHARY", which is said to be the best variety in the specialty coffees, which is only 5% production in the world.

Under the concept of "Farm to Cup", it provides coffee through entire process from farming it to serving the coffee at café. This is the rare concept in the world. The world's first fully automatic specialty coffee machine “FURUMAI” developed independently in the cafe is used for coffee extraction. This machine maximizes the potential of coffee beans and made high quality of coffee.

It can serve "FURUMAI Coffee", "Espresso", "Cafe Latte", "Chocolate Show", "Mocha Fred". Also it serves tasty sweets such as "Apple Pie", "Gateau Chocolate", "Cheese Cake", "Roll Cake" and "Canure". (*All Coffee is single origin). The cafe opens from 1F to 4F, and has 100 seats which is the largest specialty coffee shops in Tokyo.

Also, as the celebration of new opening, from 11:00 to 16:00 on the opening day of November 1, two farmers will come to Japan who are ranked first and second for this year at the annual coffee bean fair and auction held in Panama.

One of the world's best barista champions gathered to hold free coffee tastings for Elida and Johnson farms. This is going to end as soon as it is gone, so if you want to participate, please come to the store as soon as possible.In addition, the first 30 people who came to the store on the day of the grand opening to commemorate the opening will receive "GESHARY COFFEE" original mug size M, which was originally made for specialty coffee, with a flavor that allows you to feel the flavor directly and enjoy the aroma. 

If you want to enjoy the best coffee, please come and enjoy "GESHARY COFFEE" for a relaxing and blissful time.

Address: Yurakucho Toho Building 1-6-3, Yurakucho, Chiyoda, Tokyo