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Trains and Station become cafes! Bakery & coffee Shops gather at Myoken Guchi Station

Nose Railway will hold a station event "Café Station bakery&coffee" which gathers recommended bakery, sweets and coffee shops along the station line of Nose line at Myoken Guchi Station where is the northernmost station in the line.

At the event day, inside of the event train and No.1 plathome in Myoken Guchi Station become cafe areas! 

Those shops are like "Home made bakery Taruteinu", "Banetteria Toriton", "Cake&Bread Poo", "atelier saco" and "Nico Nico Pann" for bakery, "BUTTERFLY LIBRARY", "Coffee Loast Higashi Tokiwadai" for Café, and "Café Box" for a donut shop.

The event "Café Station bakery&coffee" will be held from 10:00 to 16:00 and it will be canceled if it rains.
It is the entrance of the region called Japan's Satoyama erea, where You can enjoy breads and coffee in a place where the scenery of the satoyama remains.