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5 min. from Kyoto! "a harmonious hotel" with a Book Store

"TUNE STAY KYOTO", the fourth hotel of the brand PIECE group, which develops accommodation facilities that allow you to experience a special trip in a convenient location just a 5-minute walk from Kyoto Station, will be opened on November 1st.
The concept of "TUNE STAY KYOTO" is "a harmonious hotel". The hotel aims to create a "resonance harmony" that is created when the wavelength of the creator and the wavelength of the user are harmonized.

"TUNE STAY KYOTO" has a bookstore in collaboration with the popular bookstore "B & B". With "Kyoto" as a keyword, it features Kyoto related books and offers a wide range of books regardless of genre. It aims to be a bookstore where people living in Kyoto and those who visit Kyoto know each other through books and think and enjoy together.

In addition, a café bar Kyoto Beer Lab that can only be used by guests is also open, where provides popular craft beers, Kyoto special beers such as "tea beer" and "houjicha stout". Premium specialty coffee is also available, so you can enjoy sipping while reading.

On the first basement floor, there is a 24-hour shared kitchen with IH stove, counter, and dining space, so you can cook ingredients purchased at nearby supermarkets and department stores in the kitchen.

Also, it will exhibit gallery in the common area on the first basement floor, and digital art  video will be shown on the 200-inch giant screen on the first floor.The accommodation fee is 8500 yen for a double room (the price is 1 room with 2 people),8000yen for a twin room (the price is 1 room with 2 people),9000yen for Twin Superior Room (the price is 1 room with 2 people), and 5500yen for a Single Room (the price is 1 room with 1 pp).

At the moment, as a commemoration of the new opening, a campaign that allows you to stay there with cheaper prices than the above them will be able to book by March 13 on the official site.

Why don't you make a special memories staying at PIECE's new hotel "TUNE STAY KYOTO" with the concept of creating pieces of memories of your trip with new ideas and challenges?

Address: 708, Ebisuno-cho, Nanajo Shinmachi, Shimogyo-ku, Shimokyo-ku, Kyoto-shi