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"Qoobo", Healing Robot that Moves its tail When Padding Offer New Color!

The cushioned therapy robot Qoobo with cute tail offers a new color called "silky black" on November 1.

Qoobo is a product of Yukai Engineering that has motto like "Robotics makes the world happy". It combined the name by Queue which means tail in France and Robot.
A robot that changes the way to shake the tail depending on how to pat, and it is recommended for people who want to keep pets or who seek healing in their daily lives.Many experiments and prototypes have been carried out on the tail structure so that it can express richly and flexibly like a real cat. Durability is also considered.That have been sold so far, the new color Black which was the most popular in the vote based on Qoobo users and fans is added. Also, the name of new color was selected with the votes.

The price is 12000 yen (tax excluded).

A special relaxing time with Qoobo, which delivers psychological healing and is expected to have an animal therapy effect!