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Enjoy Full Package of Cheese and Strawberries Desserts!

The buffet restaurant "Scalar Terrace" at "Strings Hotel Yagoto NAGOYA" will hold a dessert buffet "Cheese & Strawberry Party!" From November 11th to January 13th 2020. This is one of the popular "Scalar Terrace" buffet event with various themes every season. This time, 20 kinds of desserts featuring strawberry and cheese will be gathered such as "Basque Cheesecake", which is popular for its caramelized fragrance and creamy and rich cheese, And "Strawberry Millefeuille" with fresh but rich flavor.In addition, there are savory foods included, so you can enjoy both delicious sweets and dishes.
The price is 3200 yen for adults, 2000 yen for elementary school students, 1000 yen for 3-5 years old on weekdays. A dessert buffet with lunch is 3800 yen for adults, 2200 yen for elementary school students, 1200 yen for 3-5 years old (both tax and service charge included). For the weekends, it will be 3600 yen and 4300 yen with lunch for adults. In addition, 300 yen discount service is provided for those who come with Halloween costumes. Currently accepting reservations on the “Strings Hotel Yagoto NAGOYA” official website. Check the official website for the details and time of each plan. From December 14 and 25, this desert buffe will feature Chrismas! Christmas special desserts such as Bush de Noel will be appeared and beautiful Christmas decorations will be appeared. Why don’t you have a sweet and luxurious time at "Cheese & Strawberry Party!"

■ "Strings Hotel Yagoto NAGOYA"
Address: 100-36, Yagoto Honmachi, Showa-ku, Aichi Prefecture