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Artworks by a Cutout Picture Artist Osamu Kubo is Displayed in Yasaka, Kyoto

An cutout art exhibition "Kyoto Sansaku with cutout pictures by Osamu Kubo" will be held from October 1 to November 28 in "Nittodo", Yasaka, Kyoto.

"Nittodo" has brought together a variety of such high quality tools to support people’s everyday of life.

The store provides a range of different items that transcend time and genre, from traditional craft products to daily necessities utilizing the latest technology. This exhibition is fusion of the idea of "development stance that has provided new value with ideas that are not bound by previous cultures and customs" by "Nittodo" and Kubo’s flexible thought for traditional cutout with newest methods.Kubo is a cutout pictures artist who has been active at the forefront of contemporary art and has earned a high reputation both in Japan and overseas.

He uses Japanese traditional paper "Washi" and delicately cut out it with a knife to create an overwhelmingly beautiful 3D art picture. It features a unique style that expresses the texture of the object with vibrant colors by layering thin "Washi", giving it depth and three-dimensionality.

This exhibition will display seven cutout pictures inspired of the cityscape of Kyoto, and six art lamps made by laser-cutting stainless-steel plates, with the theme of "Touring Kyoto with cutout pictures".

Also, during this period, related goods such as clay prints, books, postcards, A4 files, and magnets will be on sale.

In the two-story machiya-style building, there are areas for relaxation such as a coffee shop "KYOTO COFFEE" that sells original blend coffee and free space to overlook Yasaka Tower on the second floor. Let's enjoy Kyoto of Autumn while watching cut-out picture art.

Address: 385-4, Sakaue-machi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto