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You can Pat Micropig at "mipig café"!

The second branch of "mipig café" that you can pad micro pigs will open in Harajuku in November.

The concept of the "mipig café" at Meguro head office is "Micro Pig's Home". It has become very popular and it is full with reservation, and the number of visitors has exceeded 30,000 since opening.

And this time, it has decided to open new store in Harajuku that continues to create a new Japanese culture to get to know the charm of Micro Pig!The concept of the "mipig café" at Harajuku store is "Micro Pig and Picture Book House". Here, you can enjoy a time with Micro Pig with atmosphere of a picture book "three little pigs".

The micropig here was born at the domestic micropig farm "mipig", and after the lactation period, they are trained at the "mipig café" to learn important sociality as pets. If somebody want to purchase it, it will be handed over to the purchaser as a new family. So "mipig café" also works as "nursery school" for Micropigs.

Booking is required and it will start accepting from early October.

Let's enjoy playing with cute Micropig at "mipig café" which is targeting to become familiar pet like dog or cat.

■"mipig café" Harajuku
1-15-4-76, Jingu-mae, Shibuya