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Popular Cute Yellow Glue Turns into Food Sprinke!

A stationery brand "HESOBUN" by Heso Production is offering "Fueki Noritama Furikake Sprinkle"!"Fueki Animal Glue", a starch paste with popular container with a cute Fueki-kun face, which is a fun and safe glue for kindergarten and school children. It is a long-selling product that has been loved by everyone since its release in 1975. "Fueki Noritama Furikake sprinkle" is a food sprinkle with a small spoon, and there are two sizes: regular size and small size. It is designed to come out the proper amount of sprinkle glue just by shaking the container.It was sold ahead of time in August at Japan's largest stationery and paper trade fair "Bunshi MESSE 2019"' and it was sold out quickly without waiting for the end of the event.
The price is regular size 60g / 780 yen (tax excluded), small size 20g / 600 yen (tax excluded). It can be purchased at souvenir stores and variety shops nationwide from early October. Why don't you use the cute sprinkle with adorable container that was produced in Osaka?