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This is Absolutely New Flavor Drink! New Taste of Drink Mixed with "Coffee and Tea"

 A new type of drink "Coffee Cha" that combines coffee and Japanese tea, co-developed by Sarutahiko Coffee and the tea leaf brand "EN TEA"! Available for a limited time from October 11th to November 14t).

"EN TEA" is a tea leaf brand made in Ureshino, Saga Prefecture. Aiming to make tea leaves suitable with the 21st century, the traditional farming method learned from the field and modern technology are combined to produce tea leaves that are connected with "nature" and "drinkers". "Coffee" and "Japanese tea". Although there have been mixed only a few times in the past in a very nitch world, many people said that Japanese tea and coffee do not harmonize.

It is difficult to develop because of the strong feelings toward "Coffee" and "Japanese tea", and as a result of repeated failures and trials and errors, the ratio of the amount of Coffee and Japanese tea, absolutely new sense of flavor drink mixed with coffee and tea is created with adding the product whey.

"Kocha" has a pleasant taste and feels like the presence of both "Coffee" and "Japanese tea". The taste is not a drink like latte with milk, but like straight tea or black coffee.

The price is 580 yen (tax excluded). Sold in limited 6 stores in Saruyshiko Coffee shop branches (Seihin Seikatsu Nihonbashi store, Atelier Senkaawa, Atre Ebisu store, Chofu Baisen hall, Musashi Kosugi store and Tachikawa Takashimaya S.C. store).

For both coffee lovers and Japanese tea lovers, please try this "new sensation drink" that can be called the 21st century cafe revolution.