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Iida Umbrella Shop Offers "Autumn Umbrella Exhibition"

Iida Umbrella which is hand craft umbrella shop design from its fabric will offer autumn umbrella exhibition from October 11 to 14 in "IDÉE SHOP Variete Shibuya store".

Iida Umbrella is a private-order umbrella shop created by Umbrella artist Iida Yoshihisa, who creates handmade umbrellas and parasols from original fabrics. He doesn’t have stores, but travel around the country at order receptions. In addition to umbrellas, he also produce fabric and paper items developed from textile design.

This exhibition will sell items made with original and playful textiles such as this year's new umbrellas, parasols, handkerchiefs and pouches. One-shoulder tote bags (assorted patterns) will also be sold in advance.

Why don't you have a special order such a wonderful umbrella at the Autumn Umbrella Exhibition that not only keeps you out of the rain but also makes you feel happy? You may come across a "special umbrella" that you can love for a long time.

■"IDÉE SHOP Variete Shibuya"
Address: Shibuya Hikarie 5F, 2-21-1, Shibuya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo