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500,000 Cosmos Blooming in the Background of the Dutch windmill!

Lake Inba-numa where located in north Chiba which is just a hour away, is rapidly gaining popularity due to the photogenic sunrise and sunset.

"Sakura Furusato Hiroba", the symbol of Dutch windmills where is located on the lakeside of Inba-numa, offers "Sakura Cosmos Festa" from October 5th to the 27th while the 500,000 cosmos fields are in full bloom.The cosmos that are in full bloom on the field has a spectacular view and famous photo spot, which is beautiful not only daytime but with sunset on the Inba-numa! Please take a picture of the beautiful scenery.

In addition, you can enjoy cosmos picking and buying them (100 yen for 5 cuts or 300 yen for 1 bag) at the venue.

In addition, there are sightseeing tours inside the Dutch windmill, such as sightseeing boats, bicycle rental, so there are many ways to enjoy it!

Admission to "Sakura Furusato Hiroba" is free, so why not spend a special autumn day with your friends, family and lovers?

■"Sakura Furusato Hiroba"
Address: 2714, Usuida, Sakura, Chiba