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Photogenic Christmas Dessert Buffet Inspired of "Alice in Wonderland"!

A restaurant "VINO BUONO" in Kita Aoyama offers the dessert buffet "Alice's Sweet Tea Party -Christmas Magic-" in collaboration with "Aoyama St. Grace Cathedral" from November to December.
The photogenic buffet is inspired of the world of "Alice in Wonderland" which is exactly the world you were dreaming whey you were a child. In November and December, with the theme of "Christmas magic", you can fully enjoy 20 kinds of desserts and light meals made by the exclusive pastry chef in the guest house wedding venue such as the traditonal christmas cake "Bush de Noel",

"Christmas tree cupcake'', the cupcake inspired of Christmas tree, various mousses with ornament shape,And lovely "Santa Claus short cake".
It will be in the guesthouse wedding venue "Aoyama St. Grace Cathedral", which is also certified as a "lover's sacred place satellite". The floor is decorated with Christmas decorations, including a large Christmas tree, and will invite visitors to an extraordinary world.

The buffet will be held from November 19, 25, December 3, 8, and 17 for 5 days.

The buffet will be held 3 times a day like 11: 15 ~ / 13: 30 ~ / 15: 45 (90 minutes each) and the price is 4200 yen for adults except for November 19 as 3920 yen (tax and service charge are included). Currently accepting reservations on the special site of VINO BUONO website. Why don't you enjoy tasty sweets with the full of Christmas atmosphere in the romantic place?

■ "Aoyama St. Grace Cathedral"
Address: 3-9-14 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo