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Stylish Outdoor Outfit! "Takibi mino" That isn't Made Holes with Spark

The outdoor goods brand "TSBBQ", which proposes a stylish barbecue style will release "Bonfire Poncho" for bonfire, glamping and outdoor occasions on October 4th.
The bonfire is very fun in outdoor occasions but it often causes making holes in your favorite clothes because of the sparks.

By responding to the voices such as "I want to enjoy bonfire without worring! I want to be stylish but I don’t want to make a hole in clothes!", "Takibi mino" that does not cause making a hole even if sparks get attached is created that combining with Sanko Textile's flame-retardant "flame retardant thread" and mino.
The price is 16,000 yen (tax excluded). It will be launched along with the event "Tsubame Sanjo Factory Festival" where is held in Tsubamesanjo, Niigata Prefecture and surrounding areas where is the industrial area of as metalworking, blacksmithing and woodworking.

"Takibi mono" will be shown at the official reception featuring bon fire in "Mura-no Kajiya Shop" in Sanjo, Nigata on 17:30, October 4. Please don’t miss it.
The poncho has three colors such as Red, Mustard x Camel and Black. This can be fit not only for ladies but for men.

Why don’t you try "Takibi mino" made by the manufacturing town "Tsubame Sanjo", which protects you from the chills and sparks of the fire in a night.