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"HALLOWEEN HIGH TEA" at The Prince Park Tower Tokyo!

Halloween event is often said to be now more economical value than Christmas. Surely, everywhere in towns are filled with Halloween-colored orange, black and purple in this period. There are many Halloween parties and events in October because people can get together in Halloween easily than Christmas which are mainly for lovers.

This time, we will introduce "HALLOWEEN HIGH TEA", which is perfect for adult girls hang out, and is also excellent for SNS.

"The Masquerade Party of Ghosts" is the theme of “HALLOWEEN HIGH TEA” that can be enjoyed at the lobby lounge on the 1st floor of "The Prince Park Tower Tokyo" in Shiba Park, Tokyo.For savories, it has playful Halloween featured items, such as a red bun monster hamburger that makes Bacon's tongue mysteriously, and a margherita pizza with two crazy ghosts dancing on. The sweets include a ghost meringue with a mask playing on a crescent cookie, a cute mummy Madeleine hidden in a witch's hat, and a dubious bat that stay on a red macaron. All are fun items inspired by a moonlit night masquerade party.

Also masquerade mask can be rented, so you can enjoy taking photos as if you were participating in a ghost party.

The sales period is from October 1 to 31, with a reservation system up to 3 days in advance. The price is 6000 yen (tax and service charge included) with Halloween cocktail for a toast. It comes with 2 hours all you can drink.

If you want to enjoy a upper-grade Halloween party, how about the special high tea?