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Autumn Roses Arrives in Odawara Flower Garden

"Autumn Roses" in Odawara Flower Garden are in full bloom from mid-October to mid-November every year. This year is expected to bloom from the beginning of October."Odawara Flower Garden" in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture is a botanical park where you can enjoy seasonal flowers and tropical plants. In the rose garden in the park, you can enjoy a variety of roses, such as 150 varieties and about 350 shares of Hybrid tea rose, Floribunda twice in a year like spring and autumn.
"Autumn roses" are characterized that rose buds grow slowly when the temperature drops or the temperature difference between day and night increases, so you can enjoy flowers that are more colorful and fragrant.
At the park, a "Rose fragrance / flower shape explanation sheet", which was originally created, is distributed free of charge so that people who are not familiar with roses and small children can enjoy the garden. As the attractions of roses are explained simply including interesting tips, you can get knowledge of roses to enjoy watching roses. In the sheet, you can learn smelling the differences the scent of roses with an explanation board.

Also, the event "Autumn Rose Festa" will be held from October 19th to November 24th which is the best season for roses.

In the park, there are many contents such as “Rose small bouquet workshop” for using roses in the garden,
"Rose moisture cream work shop",
Sales of "rose large seedlings'' by Keisei rose gardening, autumn planted bulbs at the garden flower shop "PICCOLO'',
"Putit Keitorashi in Flower Garden" where special items of Odawara, Ashigara gather.

Entry of "Odawara Flower Garden" is free of charge. It closes every Monday (except for PH), the day after PH, and new year and end of year holiday.

Some of the contents in "Autumn Rose Festa" is required for booking, please check the detail on "Flower Garden" official site

■"Odawara Flower Garden"
Address: 3798-5 Kuno, Odawara, Kanagawa