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"Pokemon Hand Cream" Series is Renewed with Cuter!

Pokemon gift cosmetic series, which is popular Pokemon characters among wide range of people printed on the package, is offering 4 types of "Pokemon hand cream'' with new design and fragrance / 800 yen (tax excluded) from September 26.

"Pokemon Hand Cream" that appeared last year is a very popular item in the Pokemon Gift Cosmetic Series. This time, the popular Pokémon characters "Yadon" with a cute expression and a phantom Pokémon "Miu" were added. Of course, all time popular "Pikachu" and "Eevee" are there with cuter looks

Four different scents are used for each Pokemon character. "Pikachu" with aroma of georgeous pink bouquet,
"Eevee" with a refreshing oriental lime fragrance,
"Yadon" with elegance cherry blossom scent, And "Miu" with soft pure soap aroma. Each has a gorgeous scent that gently wraps your hands, and this is perfect item to bring outing because it is just perfect size in your bag.

You feel smooth and light after being applied on your hand even it has excellent moisture retention. Be sure to try out "Pokemon Hand Cream" that will definitely you will appreciate for the dry season!