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Enjoy Autumn-only Dishes at the Superb View Restaurant Overlooking the Sea!

The sea view restaurant "MARINE & FARM" offers an autumn-only dishes for dinner from October 1 to 31.  Enjoy the taste of the seasons while feeling a pleasant sea breeze!

"MARINE & FARM" is an Italian cafe and restaurant with magnificent ocean view right in front of the sea of Sajima in Miura Peninsula with rich nature. It offers discerning dishes using local ingredients.

This time, special seasonal dishes where you can enjoy the taste of autumn such as local butternut squash (pumpkin).
"Roasted butternut squash with fujisawa’s fresh prosciutto" 1500yen served with just shaved prosciutto, that butternut squash featuring nutty flavor is roasted with rosemary and other herbs to bring out the rich sweetness."Butternut Squash Cold Potage" 1200yen with a refreshing sweetness of butternut squash which is made with a lot of effort and time, and accented with consomme jelly."MARINE & FARM" signature pizza "Mushroom, scallop and ricotta cheese pizza" is a colorful pizza that combines mushrooms, scallops, and pumpkin puree with balsamic vinegar in the accent. This can also be enjoyed at lunchtime. The price is 2300 yen for lunch set (with salad and bread) and 2200 yen for dinner (single item).Why don't you enjoy the autumn’s special dishes that you can only taste this season at the terrace seat with superb view?