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Renovated A Closed School Near Narita Airport to an Accommodation where Everyone can Stay!

An abandoned school near the Narita Airport, former Kuzumi 2nd Elementary School, has been renewed as accommodation "Ready to Flight! NARITA Kuzumi 2nd Elementary School" from October 1. "Elementary school" is a special place for Japanese people. "Ready to Flight! NARITA" was renewed as an accommodation for this mobile era, leaving as much of the atmosphere as a school as possible. The outlook of the accommodation, the clog box, the old-fashioned classroom and the home economics room turned to be special guesthouses that will rejuvenate the memories of your young age.
Various types of rooms are available, from spacious dormitories to private rooms, so that it can be used according to the purpose such as stay night for air flight at Narita Airport, sports club activity or a short break.In addition, the school facilities such as a gymnasium, music room, tatami room, and rooftop overlooking the night sky can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Also, cultural experience events and activities are planned to make your stay enjoyable.

First of all, as an open campaign, you can stay one night there with free of charge on October 19 to 20. There will be lottery of 40 people and the application will be available by October 5th. You can apply it if you are over 18 years old, and must follow one of SNS like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, has to upload the site once on SNS.

The first event camp "Let's make a classroom together!" will be held from From October 12th to 13. This is the project which everyone can color a classroom using their favorite colors and hand stamps, and it includes lots of fun contents such as farming experience (sweet potato picking), campfire, dinner making and more! The cost is 6000 yen (tax included).
A guesthouse near the airport where has access to the world can be the place where to gather various unique ideas! Why don't you meet yourself with youth at "Ready to Flight! NARITA"?

■ "Ready to Flight! NARITA-Kuzumi 2nd elementary school-"
Address: 680 Omuro, Narita City, Chiba