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The Box Edible? Christmas cakes Looks Like Jewelry Boxes Appears

PATISSERIE "Lien 1928" in Hotel Gajoen Tokyo which celebrated its 90th anniversary in December 2018 will accept booking of Christmas cakes from October 1st.

Christmas cake directed by Pastry chef Takeya Ikuno will be 8 kinds including traditional strawberry short cakes and beautiful icing cakes inspired by Kumiko art crafts scattered throughout the restaurant.The notable cake is "Tamate Box", a premium cake with edible box that you can only get at the hotel.
The top row contains three types of gateaus (Sicilian, full reel, and apricot), a hand-painted chocolate with a beautiful Japanese pattern, a bonbon chocolate with a wooden basket, a ceiling painting motif chocolate, and a chocolate brownie. The bottom row has Checkered pattern shortcakes with plenty of strawberries.This is a premium Japanese cake unique to the hotel that was once known as Showa’s Ryugu Castle. A two-tiered cake covered with white chocolate like a jewelry box! The price is 30,000 yen (tax excluded), and only 10 units are sold. This is perfect dessert for the special occasion.
In addition, strawberry shortcake with strawberries by "Kayama farm" No. 4/3800 yen, No. 5/4500 yen (tax excluded),"Pale Noel" 4300 yen (tax excluded) with a Mascarpone mousse and mixed berries mousse imitating as a Santa hat,"KUMIKO / Yuzu" 4700 yen (tax excluded), a milk chocolate mousse cake with Yuzu cream and looks like Kumiko patterned lantern,"Malon cassis'' 4500 yen (tax excluded), the beautiful harmony of rich chestnut cream made in France and powerful cassis flavor cream,"Bush de Noel Japone" 4300 yen (excluding tax), the green tea and black sesame opera with white chocolate mousse exquisite, Cute "Pitivier Noel'' 3800 yen (tax excluded) baked with Japanese chestnut almond cream inside, "Stollen" 2700 yen (tax excluded) that you can enjoy texture of nuts and fruits are available.

All cakes will be accepted booking from October 1 to December 16. The cakes will be handled from December 21 to December 25 at the shop. Reservations can be made via the special page of the Hotel Gajoen Tokyo official website or directly by phone.

Why not ordering a hotel-made cake for a little luxurious Christmas celebration?

■"Hotel Gajoen Tokyo"
Address: 1-8-1, Shimo-Meguro, Meguro, Tokyo