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Limited items of Kansai Three Airport's Common Character "Sorayan" are Available!

New item of the official character "Sorayan" of Kansai International Airport, Osaka International Airport, Kobe International Airport will be available for a limited time from September 20th to December 19th! It will be available at total 10 spots in those three airports.

"Sorayan" is an airplane motif character with the round body and a lovely warm-hearted expression, and welcomes everyone at events at the airport.

The several goods will be avaialble in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Kansai International Airport, the 80th anniversary of Osaka International Airport, and the 13th anniversary of Kobe Airport.

The cute "Sorayan" shaped "Ruck sack" 2700 yen (tax excluded) is an item that you can always stay with "Sorayan" everywhere you go. "Stuffed toy" 1800 yen (tax excluded) wear a special scarf for commemorating the 25th anniversary.The light-colored "Japanese towels" 650 yen each (tax excluded) has a total of three types of designs.
Sorayan-type "Blanket" 2000 yen (tax excluded) will be very useful for the coming winter season! In addition, limited edition "Notebook" KIX / ITAMI / KOBE / 400 yen which has slightly difference design as each airport will be available at the Kansai International Airport observation hall "Sky View". Also, the first "Sorayan Pop-up Shop" will open in the international gate area of Kansai International Airport from September 20th to 30th!

If you visit Kansai, be sure to get the cute "Sorayan" items you can only get right now!