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Luxury Grapes Can be Eaten As Much As You Can at Swees Paradise!

"Sweets Paradise" which is the popular restaurant chain with the signature all you can eat sweets, offers "All you can eat Shine mascot and Kyoho grapes" from September 13 to mid of November. The target stores are 18 stores excluding SoLaDo Harajuku and Marui Omiya stores.

Shine Muscat, which can be eaten with its skin without seeds, is a very popular luxury grape in recent years. "Kyoho" grape, characterized by its deep sweetness, is also known as "the king of grapes". In addition to all-you-can-eat these grapes, "Grape Daifuku" with grape puree in the skin,"Kyoho Jelly" contains crashed grapes in the grape juice jelly and topped with the grapes,
"Grape Balloon Sherbet" looks like a large grape,and refreshing Kyoho flavored water. The fee is 1980 yen (tax included) for adults and 1540 yen (tax included) for children including basic sweets buffet and a drink bar, and unlimited Haagen-Dazs gelato ice cream. The time limit is 100 minutes.
In addition, you can order "Shin Muscat Kyoho Parfait" 480 yen (tax included) as an additional item, which is full of shine muscat and Kyoho on top of whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. This can be ordered by non-all-you-can-eat users.

How about enjoying seasonal grapes as much as you like?