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"Comme ca Mature" Offers New Items with Edo Era's traditional Colors

An item inspired by kimono and Kabuki outfits from the fashion brand "Comme ca Mature" is on sale from September 5th.

"Comme ca Mature" is a fashion brand for married women with the theme of "no matter how old you become, fashionable mind never change". The items that will be released this time are inspired of Kabuki costumes and kimonos during the Edo period, and expressed them as a contemporary fashion, focusing on the beautiful combinations of colors.

Following the gorgeous Kabuki costume with a history of over 400 years and the technique of layering the colors used in the method of Junihitoe (twelve-layered ceremonial kimono), it  reflects traditional Japanese colors in contemporary fashion such as "Violet", "Red and yellow leaf", "Red Scarlet", "Indigo", "Brown" and "Tokiwa Green". By layering them, the contrast of deep and beautiful colors was reproduced.

All the items are made of mixture of wool materials so it has vivid colors as they are. The tops are made of knit and the bottoms are made of jersey.

Enjoy a fusion of tradition and modern fashion as a new coordination!