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Halloween Featured Foods are Appeared at Pokemon Cafe in Nihonbashi!

There are still some hot days, but autumn and winter gears are already lined on show windows. And Halloween is something everyone are looking forward to in the fall.

At Pokemon Cafe in Nihonbashi Kashiwajima, some new items featuring Halloween can be available for a limited time from September 7 to October 31."Pikachu Halloween Yokubari Plate 2019" 1706 yen / 2894 yen with plate (both tax inclded) comes with Pikachu wearing a Halloween hat! It comes with pumpkin salad, the satisfaction level is also improved.
"Ubame no Mori Genovese Pasta" 1706 yen (tax included) of featuring Celebi is short pasta with plenty of vegetables and basil flavors, and adults will also be satisfied.
"Zoroa's Halloween roast beef burger" is 1706 yen (tax included) and is a satisfied dish with plenty of roast beef. In addition, the patterns of Pokemon Cafe Original Clear Coasters will be changed from September 7. Those cards are randomly received when you order a drink. As one of the 6 pataterns is a rare secret one, so you can be fun to go there no matter how many times you go.A limited designed lunch mat and clear coaster will be also appeared during the period. Those will be end as soon as the numbers are gone, so Pokemon fans will go as soon as possible!

■"Pokemon Cafe"
Address: S.C.East Building 5F of Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo