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New Routine in Kyoto! "koe donuts kyoto" Offers New Donuts Sandwich

 A donut shop and factory "koe donuts kyoto" in Kyoto which is big buzz and people have long waiting queue every day is offering new item "Donut Sandwich" series for breakfast time from September 2nd.

"Koe donuts kyoto" is a shop that offers ethical donuts using ingredients that are both body and environment-friendly, with the keywords "organic, natural origin, and local production for local consumption". It is a donut factory where you can taste it slowly with a knife and fork while watching the process of donut making.

As the new "koe donuts breakfast", three types of sandwiches with ingredients made in Kyoto.

"Bolonian ham & Saikyo miso mayonnaise" 680 yen (tax excluded) is a donut sandwich with Kyoto pork bologna ham, jersey ricotta cheese and Saikyo miso mayonnaise."Kyoto Free range chicken & Tartar sauce with pickled vegetable made in Kyoto" 680 yen (tax excluded) has enjoyable texture of the chicken "Kyoto Jidori" (free-range chicken) certified by Kyoto prefecture and pickled vegetables.
"Kyoto barbecue eggplant" 630 yen (tax excluded) is a dish that combines fried Kyoto made eggplant and fresh tomatoes with homemade barbecue sauce.

"Koe donuts breakfast" will be available from 8am to 11am (L.O 10:30).

"The donuts can make your day in Kyoto". Why don't you choose “koe donuts breakfast” as a new breakfast style in Kyoto?