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"SWATi" Offers Fresh Hand Cream Made of Japanese Origin Ingredients

The daily body care series "MARBLE label" from the fragrance body care brand "SWATi" offers "Raw Hand Care Cream" at nationwide department stores, select shops, SWATi online store from September 6.

Hand and fingertips are easy to get damaged by outside air, UV damage and age. "Raw Hand Care Cream" All 3 types / 1500 yen (tax excluded) is a raw ingredient that can be used to care for the skin and nails at the same time (Fiflow Inondese Seed Extract) with a special manufacturing method "liquid crystal emulsification" which can deliver skin in a fresh state, leading to a moist, fluffy and fresh hand.

The hand cream is not sticky and comfortable to use.

Focusing on Japanese origined elements called "5 (Five Star)" that have been popular in Japan for a long time, all the products in the series contain five different ingredients. In addition to these five elements, it stick to long lasting beautiful scents that awaken instinct.

As the 5 star, "Soil", Ogon root extract which is a skin texture component, "Tree", Angelica keiskei stem extract that smoothes the skin, "Leaf", Yoshino cherry leaf extract that shines on the skin, and "Flower", Artemisia capillaris flower extract and "fruit", yuzu fruit extract which is a vegetable ceramide component are blended.

There are three fragrances are available such as "aquatic magnolia" in which fantastic magnolia is in full bloom, "vanilla and sunset sea" which inspired of vanilla-colored clouds flowing in the sky, and "Anise Blooming in Mountains!" that imagine you take a deep breath in the misty greenery.

Let's make a routine of daily care with the fresh hand cream with special fragrance!