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Cute and Tasty! “Papabubble” Offers Chitoseame Candy Again

At the art candy shop "Papabubble" will release their highly favored "Chitoseame candy" from September 1st.

"Papabubble" was founded in Barcelona in 2003. It fascinates sweets lovers all over the world in a blink of an eye, and is now the world's most interesting candy store, which is deployed in over 30 cities around the world. "Chitoseame candy" (1bar 15cm x 3) 1200 yen has featured lovely package design by Kaoru Kagoshima, who is an artist producing cute animals and flower motifs works, mainly in pottery, fabrics and prints.

The pattern of the candies are matched with the package such as two types of dogs and cats that children love, and cranes and turtles that have traditional longevity and prosperity meanings.The flavors of each Chitoseame candy are different: cola for dogs, grapes for plums, strawberries for cats, pine for cranes, peaches for celebration, and cherries for cherries.

It is available at "papabubble" all directly managed stores. In addition, this year it can be purchased through the official online shop.

You can enjoy Chitoseame candies that is cute and delicious and even adults will want them.