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Retired Train "Hakone Mountain Climbing Train 107" Become a Cafe in Odawara!

Mountain climbing railway which run through Taisho, Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa era will be changed!

The retired train "Hakone mountain climbing train Moha type 107" will be changed as a café "Erenagosso CAFE107" here you can enjoy a light meal in the train. It will open on September 8 in Suzuhiro Kamaboko-no-sato.
"Erenagosso CAFE107" is a café with three eat-in areas such as inside of the shop, terrace and inside of the train.

Some of dishes are such as "Kamaboko Pinchos" 500 yen (3 pieces) and "Chikuwa bread" 350 yen (Monday to Saturday only),
"Kamaboko sandwich" 500yen (Sunday only). Also, it offers local beer "Hakone Beer" by Suzuhiro 300ml / 450yen, 500m / 650 yen,

Original coffee blend "Hakone Coffee" (hot / ice) 350yen, "Climbing Train Cake" 700 yen, inspired by the Hakone mountain climbing train.

After enjoying having tea at the café, good to get its unique souvenir such as "Hakone Mountain Climbing Kamaboko" (3 pieces) which is small kamaboko contains in the special package of "Hakone mountain climbing train #107".

You can feel the history of “Hakone mountain climbing train #107 at “Erenagosso CAFE107”. Let's spend some peaceful time in tje place where you feel nostalgic.

■"Erenagosso CAFE107"
Address: 245, Kazamatsuri, Odawara, Kanagawa