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"Aurora Plum Soda", a Mysterious Drink that Changes Color!

Among the many alcohols, plum wine is especially popular with women. Choya's plum blossom experience shop "Choya", where offers plum wine in a contemporary style, is selling "Choya Aurora Plum Soda" for one month only.

"Choya Aurora Plum Soda" is a drink that expresses the history and spirit of Choya. The topical blue herb "Butterfly Pea" is used, and the natural blue color creates aurora-like color mixed with plum syrup.

The taste is sweet and sour of plum syrup, and bitter flavor of light carbonated lemon ginger. Also, taste of plum syrup and a light carbonated lemon ginger that gives refreshing bitter finish. You can enjoy a refreshing sour taste by crashing the whole plum fruit in the drink.

This drink is absolutely fun with combination of "color" and "taste".

"Choya Aurora Plum Soda" 520yen (tax excluded) is available from September 1 to 30.  Why don't you enjoy having luxury time with colorful plum wine?

■ “Choya"
Address: 108 CASA ALA MODE ROKKAKU 1F, Horinoue-cho, Nakagyo-ku 604-8117 Kyoto, Japan