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"Wa Retro Goshuincho" with Japanese Tradtional Patterns Appears

"Wa Retro Goshuinchou" with wooden jacket, (Goshuincho means a red seal book to correct seals from shrines and temples), is appeared in village Vanguard website.

The jacket of Goshuincho is made with Japanese traditional motifs such as "Wakakusa", "Poeny", "Japanese kerria". The jacket is made of "real wood" by craftsmen. A stylish combination of wood texture and pastel colors is the attraction of the jacket. When picked it up, you will be healed by the scent of wood.

It is used beautiful laser and it is like “walking art”.

The 14 kinds of patterns are available: "Wakakusa (green grass)", "Peonies", "Japanese kerria", "Light purple", "Dark green", "Scarlet", "Yellow red", "Rainbow", "Navy", "Chives", "Cloisonné", "Hanabishi", "Shochikubai (palm tree, bamboo, plum)". "Plover on wav". A wide range of patterns, from cute to chic can be enjoyed by both women and men.
"Wa Retro Goshuincho" is a fusion of Japanese traditional colors and wood. The price varies depending on the pattern, but the price range is 2700-3780 yen (tax included). The Village Vanguard online store is currently accepting reservations, and shipping is scheduled for late August to early September.

Let’s go to correct shrine seals on your favorite "Goshuincho" in this Autumun!