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Vibration Free Ball Point Pencil ”Blen" Offers New Colors!

"Blen", a zebra brand ballpoint pen that controls vibrations that occur during writing, offers new colors for limited numbers!

"Blen" is a new mechanism ballpoint pen which was released last December.

Usual ballpoint pens have minute vibration when paper and the pen tip come into contact with each other. The vibration was transmitted to the finger holding the pen, and it was stressful without realizing it. “Blen” is made for the stress-free writing by devising the mechanism and controlling the vibration.
The new colors that will be released this time are five colors such as "Blue Green", "Pink", "Violet" as pastel colors and "Navy", "Scarlet" as dark colors. You can choose them according to the clothes you wear and the accessories you use.

The new releasing "Blen" is 162 yen each (tax included). Available in limited quantities at stationery dealers nationwide from August 30th. Why don’t you get your favorite color that makes you happy for everyday use?