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American Style Grilled Dishes Fuse with Japanese Taste! Autumn Features Dishes

An American-style grilled restaurant "Dining & Bar LAVAROCK" in "Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Station" will offer 6 kinds of unique American style dishes with dash of Japanese flavor from September 1 to November 30.

The theme is "TOKYO AUTUMN COLORS". Steaks and seafood baked on the familiar Lavarock grill can be enjoyed in Japanese arrangements such as "Straw grilling'' and “Tataki'', and autumn’s ingredients such as persimmon, pumpkin, sweet potato, Kabosu.

"Wa style autumn vegetable salad with beef roasted-TATAKI" 1800 yen (tax excluded) is sliced roast beef, lettuce and mizuna with original dressing spread on the plate, and walnuts and shredded persimmon added as accented flavor. It is a luxurious and filing salad. "Seasonal mushrooms and autumn vegetables grilled with two kinds of Japanese sauce" 1500 yen (tax excluded) is grilled seasonal root vegetables such as lotus root, pumpkin, sweet potato with colorful red Manganji hot pepper. Two types of sweet and spicy sauces are available: red miso with kochijan and kanayamadera miso with mayonnaise sauce.
"LAVAROCK style 3 kinds of truffles TAKOYAKI (Takoyaki)" 3 pieces 1000 yen / 6 pieces 1800 yen (tax excluded) is hot and tasty Takoyaki using truffle, shrimps, avocado, chicken and cheese. The scent of truffle spreads as soon as you put it in your mouth, so it's recommended for pairing with champagne or beer.

In addition, "Seafood pot with Kabos" which is the seafood grill pot grilled with a skillet 3500 yen (tax excluded)

"LAVAROCK style KUSHIYAKI with your favorite sauce” that you can taste grilled beef, Oyama dori and Tsukune skewers 1800 yen (tax excluded),

The signature menu "beef sirloin steak grilled with straw with 6 kinds of condiment" 6500 yen (tax excluded) are available. There are 6 dishes available.

Enjoy beautiful dishes with rich wine and craft beers in rich autumn atmosphere while tasty smokes drifting from the open kitchen.

■"Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Station"
Address: 2-1-3 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo