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Stainless-Steel Pot with Stylish Scandinavian Inspired Design and Colors

A new product of stainless-steel handy pots that can keep warm and cold without using electricity or gas is appeared. The new pot has simple design with high thermal insulation and cold insulation capabilities, so it is good to be as a room interior as well. Why don’t you have it to make your kitchen and dining more colorful?

The Tiger thermos “Stainless steel pot” PWO-A120 / 160/200, released in late August, features simple Scandinavian inspired interior design and matches well with trendy cafe-style interiors and Scandinavian style tableware.  It adopts many functions, such as the one push open lid that can be easily attached and removed, a large opening of approximately 7.5cm that is easy to put large ice and easy to wash to the bottom.

Also, the stainless-steel vacuum double structure makes it smaller than glass bottles. And it is easy to wash because it has super clean processing that is hard to get dirty on the inner surface and doesn’t get smell. There are three colors available such as the classic tableware color "Aqua Blue" (PWO-A120 / 160),refreshing "White" (PWO-A120 / 160/200) that has a little bluey,and calm atmosphere "Dark gray" (PWO-A160 / 200).
It is open price. The Capacity is 1.2L for PWO-A120, 1.6L for PWO-160, and 2.0L for PWO-200.