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New Way for the Sightseeing! Nagoya Restaurant Bus Tour

A luxury trip where you can leisurely explore on a bus while tasting freshly prepared local cuisine! A restaurant tour bus will be in operation from October 6th to December 1st in Nagoya City.

Nagoya Restaurant bus offers 8 routes to enjoy touring Nagoya and Gifu area with featuring "History", "Food", "Alcohol" and "Nature". For example, there are tours such as visiting historical sightseeing spots in Nagoya such as Nagoya Castle and Arimatsu, a Japanese heritage site, visiting around sake breweries in the suburbs of Gifu area, and visiting to farms. Also, the night tour where you can enjoy the night view of a big city is also attractive. 
There is a kitchen space on the 1st floor of the bus, where you can enjoy the freshly prepared foods with the local ingredients suitable for the tour by the local hotel chefs.

In addition, each tour incorporates with the fun of a two-story open top bus, and you can enjoy the magnificent view through big shrine gate and Ginkgo row of trees such as the scenery of the stream and mountains of Gifu from the seats higher than the sound insulation wall of the expressway.

The price is 15,000 yen (tax included) for all 7 daytime tours, and 6800 yen (tax included) for the nighttime tour. Ticket will be sold from August 21, and reservations will be accepted by phone or on the official website.

Why don't you tour around Nagoya / Gifu regions with slightly different perspective with  delicious meals?