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It Can be Used outdoors or around water! Water Resistance "Post-it" Appeared

Have you ever thought you want to put sticky tag on water area and uneven surface? "Post-it" brand developed by 3M Japan will release "Post-it Extreme Note" on August 21. The price is 900yen for 3pads with 45 slits in 1 pad (tax excluded), 3550 yen for 12 pads with 45 slits each (tax excluded). This product is a completely new Post-it based on the concept as "They can be used in places and environments that could not ever been used before". DURA-HOLD paper and special adhesives provide excellent water resistance, outdoor direct sunlight, intense temperature and humidity. Because of this, it can be used around kitchens and other water related areas and outdoor areas that were difficult to use before.The color are 4 kinds such as orange, green, yellow and mint. It can be used on uneven surfaces such as concrete surfaces and wood, and durable for steamy and heavy rain enviroments.For example, you can use them veryday life at home, such as planter on an outdoor veranda or in sink around the water, outdoor school activities and luggage sorting!In addition, the product design based on the concept of "PhaseFree", is made not only for normal days but emergency situation,The products are all certified by the HACCP International system which is certification for ingredients and equipment to be used at food manufacturing sites, so you can use them without worry about health problems. Also, this would be very useful for confirmations, orders and safety management in instruction site.

If you have such "sticky memo", your housework and business work will be much more efficient.