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English-style Café and Bar "T4 CAFE NAMBA" Where You can Enjoy Table Tennis Casually Opens in Osaka!

An English-style café and bar "T4 CAFE NAMBA" where you can enjoy table tennis casually has opened at the creative office building "T4 BUILDING OSAKA" in Nanba, Osaka on Augst 20th.
"T4 CAFE NAMBA" is a cafe and bar produced by the entertainment restaurant "THE RALLY TABLE" of the table tennis complex "T4 TOKYO" in Shibuya, Tokyo. There are table tennis tables in the restaurant, and you can play table tennis casually while enjoying meals or drinks, and enjoy new communication through table tennis.The theme of "T4 CAFE NAMBA" is "Gastropub" where is popular in London. It offers international beers and authentic meals.At lunchtime, it offers brunch dishes and all-day breakfasts such as English breakfast and open sand.
During teatime, it collaborates with "GRANKNOT COFFEE ROASTERS" which is the pioneer of the coffee boom in the Osaka Horie area to offer cafe items using freshly roasted coffee beans and sweets menus such as shakes and Sundays.

At dinnertime, you can enjoy authentic British café items such as world beers, traditional fish and chips, and Sunday roast which commonly eaten in Sunday afternoons in England with casual British atmosphere.
It also offers ping-pong sour with an orange kumquat that looks like a ping-pong ball, which is very popular at "THE RALLY TABLE" in Shibuya.

"T4 CAFE NAMBA" can be enjoyed by those who like table tennis and those who don't. Why don't you stop at once?

Address: T4 BUILDING OSAKA 1F, 3-6-3 Nanbanaka, Naniwa Ward, Osaka