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Restaurant Bus Tour for Enjoying "Food and Nature" by Hisan, Hokkaido

The Hiyama area village association in the Hiyama, located in the Toshima Peninsula, the southwestern part of Hokkaido, will offer "Restaurant bus tour in Hiyama" to enjoy "Nature", "Agricultural workshop" with French cuisine that features local and seasonal ingredients cooperated with the Hakodate Office of the JTB Hokkaido Division from September 11th to 15th! It has started booking by phone and online since August 16th.
"Restaurant Bus Tour in Hiyama" is touring around Hiyama area in Hokkaido where you can enjoy majestic wild nature that only Hokkaido has, enjoy French lunch course meal using local ingredients such as black pig of Assabu town with magnificent view, and join Agricultural and fishery experience such as asparagus harvesting and scallop polishing.
The chef is Yuya Sekikawa, who is from southern Hokkaido and is also a chef of JR East's luxury sleeper train "TRAIN SUITE Shikijima". He organized total produce of the tour from the meal designing to the selection of ingredients to the actual cooking. He offers course meals with a seasonal ingredients made in Hisan and creatively arrangement.As for the agriculture and fishery experience, an asparagus harvest experience in Atsawabe Town and a scallop polishing experience (come with grilled scallops) in Otobe Town will be planed, but the contents may vary depending on the conditions, so please check it out in advance.

The tour fee is 12,800 yen (tax included) for junior high school students and above. The price includes the lunch course fee, but drinks will be charged separately.
Why don't you make memories of early autumn on a tour where you can fully enjoy Hisan through food, nature and history?