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Kyoto Aquarium Offers an Event to Get to Know About Giant Salamander

Kyoto Aquarium will hold an event "September 9 is the Day of Giant Salamander 2019" to learn about Giant Salamander's charms for three days from September 7th to 9t. "Japanese Giant Salamander Day" is appied by Kyoto Aquarium to Japan Anniversary Association and was certified in April 2018. Kyoto Aquarium has been trying to disseminate information on ecology and habitats, including the display of Giant Salamanders that live in the local Kamo River since its opening, and currently exhibits about 20 of them.The event "September 9 is the Day of Giant Salamander 2019" offers various contents such as "Let’s measure about Ginant Salamanders!" which measures giant salamanders that allow you to move one salamander in every 3 days to observe the size,"Giant Salamander’s dinner time" which you can observe Salamanders dinner time to open the big mouth and eat rice while listening to the explanation about the ecology of Giant Salamander and the characteristics of each individual, In addition, there is give away of all three types of original trading cards that contain tips on giant salamanders. All contents can be enjoyed by wide age ranges from children to senior. Aquarium admission fee is required, but the participation fee for the event is free of charge, so anyone can feel free to join. Also, Kyoto Aquarium original "Robert Akiyama Produce Monomane T-shirt BOTY" size M / L / XL / 3780 yen each in collaboration with Robert Akiyama who is familiar with body copy performance,An
And baby’s "Bib" 1950yen (tax included) will be on sale at "Museum shop". They are also available in the online shop. So if you are interested, please check them out!

Let’s go to Kyoto Aquarium to see Giant Salamanders for this summer!

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Address: 35-1, Kankijicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto