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Pink Flower Carpet as far as You can See! 10,000 petunias are in Full Bloom

In the state-owned Musashi Kyuryo National Government Park, where across Namerikawa-cho and Yagii in Saitama, pink color "Petunia" flower garden is fully blooming right now.The flower garden of "Petunia" in the Musashi Kyuryo National Government Park has been implemented since 2018. The cultivated varieties are strong ones among "Petunia", and one strain spreads to nearly 1 ㎡. It will be full blooming in two months after planting, and the field become full of flowers like morning glory.

This year, three varieties of "Super Tunia Pink", "Super Tunia Silverberry" and "Pendicular Petunia" with bright pink flowers are in bloom.

This area is a place where sky blue "Nemophila" was blooming this spring, but this Tunia is bright pink flower that will energize you in the hot summer, and enjoy taking photographs in the different atmosphere from the spring flower field. The recommended scenery spot of the park is the view from the hill top of the flower garden. There is a road in the center of the flower garden, and you can enjoy walking in the flowers. The petunia flower garden is expected to be seen until mid-September.Also the park has full of fun attractions to be a perfect spot for summer vacation. There are Japan's largest air trampoline "Pompoko Mountain",and other park facilities such as "Adventure Course (Athletic)", "Water Playground", "Kids Dome", and "BBQ Field", and you can enjoy a bicycle rental.

Please enjoy the beautiful scenery that is colored like a pink "flower carpet".

■Musashi Kyuryo National Government Par
Adress: 1920, Namegawa-machi, Hiki-gun, Saitama