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Sleep Tight in summer! “High Buckwheat Pillow” is now available!

"Sobayume Monogatari", is a modern version of a pillow filled with buckwheat husk using modern technology. "Sobayume Monogatari" is now releasing high pillow "Sobayume Monogatari Omori" from August 5th.

"Sobayume Monogatari" is a pillow made of domestic buckwheat. Dirt and impurities are removed by repeatedly washing the buckwheat 3 times or more. In addition, in order to suppress the occurrence of insects, natural cypress chips that are said to have an insect-repellent effect are also used. Also the pillow is washable.
"Sobayume Monogatari Omori", which appeared this time, uses about 1.7 times more of buckwheat than the standard type. The hight is up from 7cm to 11cm, so you can fully experience the comfort of buckwheat.
In addition, there is a height adjustment slit that allows you to take in and out buckwheat so you can adjust the height.

The standard type had a structure divided into four stages, but the high pillow has a flat shape that increases the fluidity of the material, so that you can enjoy a comfortable fit.
Buckwheat pillow is breathable and keep good ventilation, you can use it comfortablly in all seasons.
As with the standard type, the pillow cover uses Japanese bleached six-fold weave gauze fabric using Mikawa cotton thread. The fabric is absolutely gentle touch that you want to brush your cheek on to the pillow, the back side is a double gauze with a light texture, so you can use it according to the season and taste.

The size is width 63 x depth 43 x height 11cm. The price is 5980 yen (tax included). It is available at "Pillow and Sleeping Goods Shop! Rakuten Market Store" and others.

If you like high pillow, please check it out.