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Luxorious Stay at "Kamogawaso" with 4 Lovely Benefits

"Kamogawaso" located in Takehara, Hiroshima, is currently offering a women's travel plan that is full of joyful benefits for women for one month only until the end of August.
​​​​​​​"Kamogawaso​​​​​​​" is a luxorious accommodation that can be enjoyed various Japanese traditional culture such as Kaiseki meal which is a multi-course meal featuring the skill of the chef's skill, huge Japanese garden with 1500-tsubo that shows the difference  beautiful scenery in each seasons, and the theatre ​​​​​​​"Gekkaden​​​​​​​" where Japanese traditional performances like Noh can be performed , a traditional tea room “Koyotei”, and a sunken hearth restaurant "Irori Sanso". the women's trip plan "Aki Course with 4 lovely benefits♪Refresh your mind and body with a natural hot spring!" is a full of delightful contents included for women with 4 luxurious benefits.It is coming with 4 benefits such as a full bottle Rose wine which is necessary for enjoy night time, late check out available, photo service with Cheki, and Hiroshima’s popular product Kumano cheek brush which is also used by make-up artists who are doing celebrity makeup for many famous people including Hollywood stars.

Please check out the detail at "Kamogawaso" official home page.
Why don't you enjoy momorable stay with your friends or family at Kamogawaso?

Address: 445 Nishiyuzaka, Nishinocho, Takehara, Hiroshima