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6 kinds of "Moomin" and "HININE NOTE" Collaboration Schedule Book is Released

6 kinds of "Moomin" and "HININE NOTE" collaboration notebooks will be released on August 9.

"High Nine Note" released by a Tokyo’s print company, which is loved by many people because you can create your own original notebook which is only one in the world. This time, the popular notebook and the Finnish fairy tale Moomin collaborated for 2020 year’s schedule notebook.

"High Nine Notebook" uses gold and foil stamps on the cover and rubber bands. The vivid colors enhances adorable characters by Moomin such as  Moomin, Snafkin, Little My and Mymble.
"Flower Shower White" is a cute design where you can feel happy surrounded by the blooming flowers of Moomin.
"Mymble and Little My, Navy" is a cute notebook with Mymble and Little My mixed in flower patterns."Little My Red" is a perfection of combination of calm red and mature gold.
"Wreath Navy" is characterized by a deep color that matches any stationery. "Wreath Olive" is a notebook with perfect matching of olive gold and elegant gold colors that make you feel as if in the woods. This is sold only at Moomin Shop Lucua Osaka. "Little My Orange" is a notebook that makes you raise your mood with gold foil stamping on a bright orange. This will be sold only at Moomin Shop Mini Tokyo Station.

The price is 2200 yen each (tax excluded), available at Moomin Shops. Some products will be available at Moomin Cafe and Moomin Stand, so check them out if you are interested!