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Net Cafe with Adlult Only "Hailey’5 Café Ueno-Okachimachi" Opens

"Hailey'5 Café Ueno Okachimachi Store", the fourth branch of "Hailey'5 Café" where is next-generation comic cafe for adults, will open at 14:00 on August 7 .

"Hailey’5 Café" was opened first time in 2015 in Ikebukuro as an online cafe limited to 18 years and older. As it adopts immediate online reservation system, great security with a fully soundproof private room with auto-locking, authentic cafe foods, and "photogenic stylish rooms" that makes you want to take photos unintentionally. "It has become a big topic in medias and SNS.
The fourth branch of "Hailey’5 Café" now opened  in Okachimachi, Ueno. The trendy interior and the cafe foods that changes with the seasons, which totally changing the ideal of traditional comic cafe is same as other branches. You can rent hair irons (curls and straights), hair dryers, mirrors, aroma oils, and various chargers for free, so you can spend as if you were at home.All rooms are fully soundproofed and private, with automatic locks and full security, so you can work with your materials, PC, and make phone calls without worrying about people’s eyes. Also, all rooms are non-smoking. There are also about 60 kinds of foods and drinks that will satisfy both women's hearts and stomachs. It also provides high-quality hot dogs using the popular Yamato pork sausage and German pretzel bread, as well as home-made cream caramels.

"Hailey'5 Café Ueno Okachimachi branch" is commemorating the opening, it is offering 20% off campaign with more than 3 hours usage of the cafe from August 7 to 30.

Let’s experience a net cafe like a hotel!

■"Hailey’5 Café UenoOkachimachi branch"
Address: Ueno Hirokoji 2000, 4-4-4, Ueno, Taito-ward, Tokyo