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5min. Walk Away to Beautiful Beach! Special Summer Holiday at "Nishiizu Koyoi"

Enjoying a spectacular sunset and creative Japanese cuisine, "Nishi Izu Dining, Nishi Izu Koyoi" in Toda, Shizuoka Prefecture, is offering a perfect plan to enjoy Toda ’s wonderful beach and high quality meals. The plan called “The AAA beach with no wind, shallow and clear water is a 5-minute walk away, and good for family with children, children are free for same bed with parent and standard Kaiseki meal” which is available until August 20.
"Nishiizu Dining, Nishiizu Koyoi" is offering unique style Japanese ryokan stay, such as "Neshiizu Dining" which is modern Kaiseki meal which is very rare in Nishiizu area,A lounge with a superb view overwhelmed by the beautiful sunset over Suruga Bay,
And calm but stylish interior.
One of the features is the location where is just 5-minute walk from the beach with the highest water quality.

During this plan, "Sweets all-you-can-eat event" (200 yen for adults / 100 yen for children) is available for shaved ice and chocolate fondue that can be enjoyed with children. Also, some benefits such as beach ball,  leisure set and hand-held fireworks that you can easily enjoy with your family and friends, and hand-held fireworks.

The plan with benefits is from 16,550 yen with 2 meals pp for a bedroom for 2 .
Don’t miss it the plan which is definitely great for summer vacation!